Grab Your Daypack And Have An Awesome Day Off

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Hiking Daypacks Grab a hiking daypack for a stress free getaway.  We all know the pressures of work, home, social commitments and what it’s like to be part of the grind all week.  If you’re typically an outdoor lover you’re probably already itching to be outdoors. If not, why not learn to be?  Remember when you were a kid you just naturally gravitated toward outside playtime.  Adults often forget how to play. There’s nothing like challenging yourself to make you feel less stressed both physically and mentally.  Motivate yourself to do something different instead of the same old thing. Pack that hiking bag and get outside for the day! Benefits of Backpack Hiking Hiking relieves stress by relaxing your senses.  Just breathing in naturally fresh air is great for your lungs. Who doesn’t feel better away from fluorescent lights and spreadsheets?  Things that we take for granted like a brilliant blue sky, sunshine with perfect breezes and the scent of pine will increase endorphins, which are your “feel good” hormones.  Add a little cardio aerobic exercise, and it’s all good. There is also much to be said about the benefits from a solo hike for some private think time as meditation on-the-go. Have Fun Backpack Climbing If you have a competitive spirit, why not have a couple of friends join you for the day and see who accepts and wins the challenge of being first to the top of a big hill?  This can really be a fun way to incorporate exercise with a good time. Climbing is great physical exercise with many health benefits. Meeting for lunch at the top of a mountain or steep hill is far better than gathering at the office cafeteria, where you probably take an elevator to get there. What Is A Daypack? A hiking day pack is simply a small hiking backpack that you pack your necessities into and carry it on your back with two shoulder straps. Because you are only going for a short trip, you would use a lightweight backpack with a smaller capacity than if you were hiking for an extended time period.  You only need to carry enough food and water for the day including some healthy snacks that will give you energy. Fruit and granola energy will help sustain you in between meals for the energy you will use on your hike. Enjoy your adventure with adequate nourishment along the way. What Should I Pack In My Hiking Bag? Most importantly, be sure to pack two or three 16 oz. bottles of water to stay hydrated. You could make sandwiches that do not require refrigeration, or insert a separate insulated bag within your hiking pack to prevent spoilage. You may want to include some fruit and nuts or energy bars for a late afternoon snack. Stay nourished throughout your trip. Other things to include would be Bandaids, alcohol cleansing pads, sunscreen and bug spray, an extra T-shirt and pair of socks. It would be great to totally stay off-the-grid, but it’s probably wise to take along your cell phone to use in an emergency, to snap photos of things you see on your journey, or use as a GPS guide. What’s Interesting See While Day Pack Hiking There is so much to take in among the great outdoors.  It’s amazing what you can enjoy within the beauty of nature. Observe cloud patterns, massive old trees, wild animals and birds, even rock formations. Let the inner kid in you surface as you find awe in simple things that you discover along the way that you won’t encounter on city streets or suburbs.  No two hikes are ever the same. There’s plenty to stumble upon in every trek you take, which makes hiking a form of natural sight-seeing.  Why not grab a pair of binoculars and hit the trail. Your Day Trip Backpack Provides Time Well Spent Once you’ve decided to go on a day trek, at the end of the day you will see how spent time outdoors with a daypack was so rewarding. The couch and video games won’t seem as appealing as the hike you had in the great outdoors.  When you combine the health benefits of fresh air and being active, a hike will turn into a very enjoyable day off from your work week. Make it social by inviting friends. It’s the best therapy available for combating the drudgery of routine in your life, so head out and learn to enjoy hiking.