Camping Backpack; Overnight Hikes, Why?

Backpack Hiking Overnight

A camping backpack trip requires planning and preparation. You may wonder is it really worth all that work?  Only you can truly decide that for yourself, but anyone who truly loves the great outdoors will agree.  You can gain clarity, peace and an overwhelming connection with nature. So yes, it is totally worth the effort to experience these absolute best and rewarding parts of an overnight hiking trip.

Hiking Plans Will Determine How Easy Your Hike Goes

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Seeking Out The Perfect Campsite

Some hikers have been known to toss some belongings into their hiking backpack and love the freedom of being carefree and spontaneous. While that may initially sound like a great idea, you’ll be kicking yourself in the butt if you forget something crucial regarding your safety, nutrition or preparedness for the journey. Successful hikes include strategy for hiking, eating and sleeping outdoors.

Long time hikers know what to pack, how much weight they can carry and the essential items required in the wilderness. Not everyone has that experience and it may seem overwhelming or scary to think you could forget something really important.  If you need an idea of what are the most important basic things to pack, you’ll find that information HERE.   

Backpackers; Making Camp For The Night is Awesome

Camping backpack enthusiasts agree that sleeping under the stars is an unforgettable experience.  Even if you prefer using your tent, waking up the next morning to enjoy a sunrise with your morning Joe is a slice of heaven. If you’ve never spent the night camping, you are missing an incredible joy that only comes from the sounds of nature and the beauty around you that will absolutely fill your lungs and your mind with fresh air and an overwhelming peace.

Some folks may have experienced tent camping in a campsite where they drove to the destination.  You may have to work up the courage to transition from camper or National Park campgrounds if the thought makes you nervous.  But, there is a whole new meaning to backpack hiking and seeking out your preferred site to camp for the night.  You won’t believe the serenity in desolation or off-trail partially civilized backpack camping.  Talk about adventure!  Yes, you may hear different night noises and scary unknowns, but if you are totally prepared, your fears will subside.  HERE is good reading on hiking and camping issues that may make you uneasy and how to deal with them. 

Hikers Will Notice Positive Body Changes From Trekking

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Hiking Puts You In Great Moods

Your camping backpack trek can affect your body in many affirmative ways. There are many reports from scientific studies concluding that hiking is good for your health.  Everything from decreases in blood pressure to improved mental status all point to the pros of hiking in nature.  Very few other forms of physical exertion provide such mentally stimulating pluses like a hike to a spectacular view, the calm of a forest creek bed or stumbling upon a natural waterfall.  Check out this article to see what hiking does to you.  Then go ahead and put it to the test yourself for further confirmation. 

Trekkers Can Easily Renew Their Spirit When Backpacking

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Nature Can Nurture

Being in the midst of nature’s playground, you’ll find that even though you are putting your walking muscles to the test, there is a rejuvenation that takes place. Unless you are retired, you probably work all week, may have family obligations and wish you had more time to yourself to enjoy life.  I can tell you all day long about how mesmerizing a forest backpack hike can be or what elation there is in hiking a slot canyon.  They will simply be words you’re reading until you do it yourself.

A camping backpack expedition moves you to a different level of appreciation of the great outdoors.  This is most likely the reason hiking is becoming so popular among people of all ages and capabilities.  Solo hiking is truly a means of putting your life on “refresh.”  Many a bad mood or headache has vanished when you encounter a sight to behold like a family of deer or an amazing sunset when you reach a summit. Something as simple as resting on a rock overlooking a meadow can profoundly regenerate your thoughts.

Why Do You Go Backpack Hiking?

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Hiking Has Different Meanings For Everyone

Millions of folks enjoy hiking of all different types.  Naturetrailbackpacks believes in re-booting your life with a hike that suits your lifestyle and physical abilities. Why not share with others what it is that revs your engine about backpack hikes.  People learn from ideas of others, so please share your comment below and inspire someone else to explore the wonder of hiking in nature.  We wish everyone lots of happy hikes!

Mountain Backpack | Shocking Moments Of A Hiking Journey

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Backpack Hiking Is A True Adventure

A mountain backpack trip is an incredible opportunity to be one with nature and enjoy the challenges of conquering some impressive climbs.  The hiking trip that goes smoothly is everyone’s goal, but along the way, Mother Nature or Murphy’s  law can have you dealing with some hairy experiences.  Here are four defining situations that could make you wonder if backpack hiking is worth it all.  Learning from these moments will turn fear into positive experiences, making you realize hiking is worth a few hassles along the way.

Scary Hiking Trail Situations Will Test You

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Meeting Not-So-Friendly Visitors On The Trail

Hikers are in awe of being in the wild when it includes encounters with playful rabbits, graceful deer or innocent squirrels.  But if you are staring down the nostrils of a grizzly bear or come upon a pack of wolves, your blood pressure instantly spikes.  Do you believe knowledge is power?  That being said, if you know what to do if you stumbled across a wild animal, don’t you agree you’d be less frightened?  Contrary to popular belief, wild animals do not seek out humans or wait to pounce on them for their next meal.  The best rule of hiking is to know before you go.

Here’s what to do if you confront a wild animal that could be dangerous while hiking:

Backpack Hikers Could Run Into Bad Weather

Mountain backpack hikers could start out on a beautiful sunny day with barely a breeze.  Weather conditions, especially in the mountains can turn bad quickly.  The smart hiker will check weather reports ahead of time, because we all know Mother Nature can be fickle and new conditions could prevail with very little notice.  It’s wise to use the Boy Scout motto and be prepared for anything by bringing extra clothes, warmer jackets and hats and gloves, even when you least expect to need them.  A waterproof backpack cover, tent or tarp for getting out of the elements and water resistant outerwear is advised to carry in your hiking pack all of the time. There are great phone apps that will give you live weather updates at a moment’s notice.  Check them out here:

Unexpected Terrain Conditions Could Present Backpacking Problems

Most times, if you hike trails you’ve been to before, you will be familiar with the conditions of that location. Even if that is the case, you could find yourself in water you didn’t expect, rocks you didn’t plan on scrambling or turns in the trail that you didn’t see on your map that will confuse you.

Situations like flooding from rain or Spring thawing could become a scary issue. You may need to cross an area that had so much recent rain it was no longer a tiny creek.  If you have trekking poles attached to your hiking backpack, you can check the water depth before you begin crossing and especially in the middle.  Walking sticks or trek poles are very handy and will help you balance uneven terrain when you clearly thought you’d only be hiking over level ground and things changed.

Weather over time can create topographical changes, so it’s always good to make sure your maps are up-to-date and the trail conditions where you will be hiking are current.

mountain backpack
Spring Thaw Or Summer Flooding Can Create Terrain Issues

Backpackers; Be Equipped To Know Your Hike Location

Become Familiar With Trail Maps And A Compass

A mountain backpack trek could have twists and turns that you weren’t aware of.  For example, if you go off trail to pee, when you turn around, everything could look different than you remembered, even moments later. There is no worse feeling than of potentially being lost.  If you only rely on your cell phone for GPS, you could end up in an area with no cell service. Your battery could die or your phone could be dropped, rendering it unusable. 

But, if you also carry a terrain map of your hiking area and a compass, you should have all bases covered. You’ll then be able to rectify any mis-turns or unfamiliarity of the terrain you’re in. If you know how to read the map and compass before hitting the trail, that’s advisable. Once you’re hiking, in this regard, it shouldn’t be a learn-as-you-go situation. 

For great information on learning topographic maps and compasses, go HERE.

Backpack Hiking Could Prove Creepy At Times

Be Prepared To Stumble Across Upsetting Scenes While Hiking

Mountain backpack excursions are great for exploration and discovery.  Ask yourself, are you a person who freaks out easily?  A hiker should always be on guard for odd people and strange things that make them a bit uneasy during a hiking trip.  You may not be prepared to stumble upon a dead animal or even a human carcass.  Certain people within a wilderness situation may put off a vibe of creepiness that sends up a red flag. You should always have radar about strangers you meet on the trail and re-direct your hike or remove yourself from that person’s path if your gut tells you something is not right.

What if you stumble upon someone who is in desperate need of medical attention?  Will you be too anxious and scared to know what to do first? Here’s a little help in that area to guide you from a panic state to a helpful hiker and assist the person who needs it.  How to help an injured hiker is great info.

Hike Happily With Confidence Instead Of Fear

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Hiking Trips Provide Great Experiences In Nature

No one can be prepared for every situation all of the time. Part of the allure of hiking is heading out to the unknown and enjoying the discovery of it all.  You can enjoy your outdoor adventure much more if you have confidence, which only comes from learning and doing.  Whatever evolves during your hiking expedition, if your take-away is considered a training experience, the next time you come across something unexpected on the trail, it won’t seem nearly as upsetting. 

Naturetrailbackpacks encourages hikers to help others by commenting below regarding the creepy or scary things you’ve encountered on a hike and how you handled them.  Be safe out there and happy hiking!

Outdoor Backpack | 6 Arizona Hikes Worth It

Arizona Is An Awesome Place To Hike In Winter

Your outdoor backpack should not be put in the closet this winter if you live in snow country.  There is great hiking weather in many parts of the country where the crowds are actually less and backpacking comfort is much better.  Arizona is an awesome place to plan a nice trip and take advantage of their incredible backpack hiking venues.  Here are six places that you may want to consider for the ultimate hiking experience this winter.

There’s No Grander Hiking Then Grand Canyon National Park

outdoor backpack
There Is Nothing Like The Splendor Of The Grand Canyon

Having just celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, The Grand Canyon National Park in NW Arizona covers more than 1.2 million acres.  Hikers can have the time of their lives and still not see it all.  Of course the Grand Canyon, which is a gorge of the Colorado River, is visited by millions each year.  You can experience everything from weeks of thru-hiking to day hikes and glamping.  This area is a Mecca of opportunities for every level hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast.

Trails such as the South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail are perfect examples within the Grand Canyon to explore.  The Kaibab is steep and strenuous with a direct route to the bottom of the Grand Canyon but is doable for experienced hikers.  This area offers shuttles and numerous parking spots at trailheads to accommodate visitors.  More detailed information and to map out your trip can be found here.

Outdoor backpack trekkers will love The Bright Angel Trail, which is the most popular trail on the South Rim.  You can stay at hotels with awesome views of the inner Canyon and plan your hike from there.  Although it’s steep and challenging, the trail has access to drinking water where other trails do not.  You can camp halfway down at the Indian Garden Campground overnight and continue on the next morning if desired.

Check out this video of The Bright Angel Trail

Perfect Places That Backpackers Love To Hike

An outdoor backpack comes in very handy when you visit Sedona, Arizona. Here you’ll find beautifully breathtaking sandstone red rock formations that you can hike to your heart’s content. Some of the more popular places in Sedona are Oak Creek Canyon, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock.  Slide Rock State Park is perfect for campers, hikers and vacationers who love the outdoors.  When you aren’t hiking, you can enjoy this area which offers numerous New Age shops, spas and art galleries

If you want more ideas in the Sedona area for travel hikes, check out this link. 

Backpack Hiking Arizona Your Way

Hikers need to explore Camelback Mountain, which got its name from the hump formation and head of a kneeling camel.  Many folks visiting Phoenix don’t plan on hiking Camelback, yet they end up rising to the challenge and loving it.  The extraordinary 360 degree views at the camel’s hump makes even non-hikers very glad they had this experience. This area will exceed your expectations.

For the best tips you’ll benefit from before you hike Camelback, check this link.

Day Backpack Hikes Are Awesome In Coconino County, Arizona

outdoor backpack
Amazing Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

Grab an outdoor backpack and head to Horseshoe Bend located near Page, Arizona.  Located downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, a hiker can observe numerous minerals in the Bends’ rock, such as hematite, platinum and garnet. Save room in your hiking bag for loose pebbles to collect. This gorgeous natural vista is a horse shoe shape meander of the Colorado River with a jaw-dropping view from the steep 4,200 feet above sea level cliff.

This area has plenty of hotels for a comfortable night sleep after a day of hiking and discovery.  Directions and amenities of this area are available HERE:

What Hiker Doesn’t Love An Amazing Slot Canyon?

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Mesmerizing Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, which is part of the Navajo Nation, includes two separate slot canyons referred to as the upper and lower Antelope.  Formed by the erosion of Navajo sandstone is famous for the angles and light shafts amidst the canyons.   Hikers of easy and difficult ability can choose from the upper flat 100 yard walk after a 2 mile safari ride from the Navajo Tribal Park Gate to the canyon’s entrance.

Have your questions all answered about hiking and travel to this area HERE:

Hiking Is Always Better When You See Water Views

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Gorgeous Blue Waters Of Watson Lake

In Prescott, Arizona there is exquisite Watson Lake.  Hiking the Watson Lake Loop Trail, a 4.7 mile jaunt, affords backpackers astounding deep blue views from superior lookout points.  You can also hike the shoreline through the massive rock landscape.

Outdoor backpack trips to the Tucson, Arizona region offers excellent hiking adventures including spectacular waterfalls.  The Seven Falls hiking trail winds gently up Bear Canyon as you follow a stream.  You’ll cross this stream several times on your journey past saguaro tree-like cactus, along with barrel and buckhorn cholla cactus.  The elevation gain is 720-900 feet.

Seven Falls in Tucson

If you prefer forest hikes, backpack treks through granite boulders or mountain excursions, you can check out places to stay HERE:

Every Trek Begins First With An Idea

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Head For A Warmer Climate To Hike This Winter

Hopefully I have given you some hiking “food for thought.”  There is nothing like escaping depressing frozen winters to enjoy warm sunny climates without spending a fortune.  Your hiking bag can serve as your travel bag and then used for hiking explorations once you arrive at your destination.  Naturetrailbackpacks offers quality backpacks for outdoor use that stand up to the challenge of your journey, big or small.  If you have hiked another area in Arizona, please leave a comment below to help others enjoy where you have traveled.  Here’s hoping everyone a happy hiking experience.

Travel Backpack; Why is Hiking The #1 Adventure Of Travelers?

travel backpack
Backpack Hikers Enjoying A Scenic Hike

A travel backpack is something you’ll want to have along on your next vacation.  Popular trends show that hiking is the number one preferred adventure of travelers. As of 2019, hiking is replacing yoga as the preferred fitness activity.  But the question is, why?  Why are folks of all ages taking up hiking, even if they are already fit and energetic or older in age?   What is the draw that is causing hiking to be deemed the number one adventure, especially when traveling?

Jobs Prevent People From Enjoying Nature Hikes

Backpack Hikes Can Relieve Every Day Stress

Many people are not fortunate enough to work outdoors.  Are you one of the millions who only get a minimal lunch hour to be outside, if at all, during your work day?  When you lead a stressful life with job and family pressures, being in nature is the best medicine for disconnecting and de-stressing.  Some folks are fine with a casual stroll through a park, but if you tend to be on the adventurous side, you know you crave more.  The challenge of climbing to a summit or hiking the Appalachian Trail is more appealing, right?  Even a trail through your home town can expose you to hiking for the fun of it. Why not explore your area for great trails and hiking groups?

Go here:

Backpack Hikers Have No Age Barriers

travel backpack
Anyone Can Go Hiking

A travel backpack is simply an outdoor hiking pack that is better quality than a book-bag backpack.  Over the past few decades there has been much focus on health in regards to exercise and fitness. Backpack hiking is trending and becoming more popular than a routine gym regimen. Parents with small children, young adults and middle-aged hikers, along with seniors are seeing the joy and energy they get from hiking. You don’t have to don a huge framed backpack and live in the wilderness for weeks (unless you want to) you can enjoy regular day hikes in your community, join a local group or venture out to parts unknown. 

Many hikers are getting healthy while enjoying a physically and mentally rewarding “walk.”  Not to be confused with a neighborhood brief walk after dinner, but seriously, anyone who can walk can hike.  The best part is you get to choose where, for how long, and how often. You could even get exercise and serenity by hiking with a handicapped person in a wheelchair, which will bring joy to both parties. Be sure to check trail conditions for terrains accessible to wheelchairs; many exist.

Vacations Are Perfect For Backpack Trekking

travel backpack
Backpack Hiking Adventures Make Vacations Awesome

Your travel backpack can be used in place of luggage while traveling.  Let’s say you live in the Northeast and it’s February.  You and the family take a trip to Disney or the Grand Canyon, for example.  Practically everywhere you travel, there is information on local hiking trails.  Empty your backpack into your hotel dresser and use it to discover some incredible scenery and nature up close and personal. You can only do just so much souvenir shopping and sitting on a beach. 

If you are a more adventurous traveler, you’ll head to the hills, forests, mountains or coastal hiking spots. Pack a lunch and some snacks and water, then take day hikes to numerous towns near where you are staying.  So many folks are tired of high prices in tourist towns and being confined to a hotel atmosphere.  It’s your vacation, so why not explore beyond the limits of your area. The memories, the magnificent views and the different challenge levels will have you energized and motivated to hike more often.

Find some ideas for places to travel that offer incredible hiking opportunities. Go Here:

Hiking For Fitness Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

travel backpack
Backpack Hiking Improves Mental Outlook

Chances are, if you are already into hiking, you are fairly physically fit. But there is much more to hiking than the physical exercise.  Studies show that backpacking is becoming more popular to aid in diabetes, arthritis and lung disorders. Ok, so you don’t have any problems in those areas, let’s say you deal with depression or anxiety at times.  Hiking is a body and soul cleansing act that frees your mind and helps you re-boot your attitude and view life in a different perspective simply by being an integral part of nature as you navigate a trail or spend time in the wilderness.

To help understand how hiking helps depression, get info here:

Trekking Can Be Relaxing, Therapeutic And Nurturing

travel backpack
Grab Your Travel Backpack And Go Explore

The travel backpack you choose can have multi purposes. You’ll want your hiking bag to be made with sturdy and durable fabric, quality seams and strong reliable straps. Many hiking nightmares have been due to backpack malfunctions on cheaply made packs. When you are carrying your gear and essentials, the last thing you need is for straps to break causing you pack to fall off and down an embankment.  Your time in nature and especially during a vacation is meant to be carefree and exhilarating.

The absolute best way to find out why so many people are enjoying backpack hiking on their vacation trips and weekend getaways is to experience it for yourself.  The challenges, the competitive hikes and the social aspects of being with friends are only some of the motivating factors that keep people loving to hike. Naturetrailbackpacks hopes you will share with readers where you love hiking the most and how it makes you keep going for more challenging trails and repeated adventures. Comments below of this nature are very helpful to other nature enthusiasts, so please leave a few words to inspire someone else.  Happy hiking to all!

Backpack Bag – 5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Home On A Backpack Trip

backpack bag
A Prepared Backpack Hiker Is A Happy Hiker

A backpack bag normally includes hiking gear and your daily essentials for the length of trip you’re taking.  Most of us can figure out the basics, such as food, water, sunscreen, extra clothing and a sleeping bag.  Have you ever taken a vacation or day trip where you wished you had included something in your travel bag that you didn’t?  Here are 5 main things that you won’t want to leave behind for the best hiking experience.

Hikers May See More Than Gorgeous Scenery Along The Trail

There Are Many Wonders To See On A Backpack Hike

How great is the fact that today’s cell phones have considerably high resolution cameras?  This means you can leave a bulky camera at home, or even carry yours in your hiking bag.  But what if you see something in the distance that you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at and wish you could see better?  A good set of binoculars are a hiker’s best friend.  You might see wildlife from afar that is dangerous to approach for a closer photo op.  Maybe you’ll spot a owl or hawk in the distant tree branches that you’d like to get a better view of.  You may want to examine the terrain of a nearby mountain top before climbing.  Get a better look with your binoculars. They come in lightweight styles that you can hang around your neck or pack in your backpack.

Backpackers Need A Good Night’s Sleep

Hikers Need Great Sleep To Continue Their Journey

Backpack bag hiking trips can be exhausting which makes it imperative that hikers have a comfortable sleep that a sleeping bag alone placed directly on the ground cannot always provide.  A backpack sleeping pad with high R-valueof at least 5-6 with amplecushioning provides insulation from the ground. For a restful night, you’ll be glad you packed a lightweight sleeping bag pad with cushioning from the cold wet ground.  Every ounce counts when you are carrying your cargo on your back, but an ultralight pad, not to be confused with a full size air mattress, can weigh less than a pound.

For product information and in-depth reviews check here:

All Purpose Fixer Upper For Hiking Jaunts

backpack bag
The Perfect Hikers Tool

A hiking excursion must-have item in your hiking backpack that is worth its weight in gold is duct tape or duck tape, whatever you want to call it.  Having personal experience with this magical wonder tape, I have used it for literally hundreds of temporary fixes while hiking on the trail.  You can patch, heal, create and even replace numerous broken or ripped articles in a flash with this simple adhesive. Depending on how long your hiking trek is, you can take the whole roll or simply wind several yards on a pencil for a lightweight fixer upper.

Stuff happens on a hiking trip that you can’t always foresee.  Rips in tents, sleeping bags, footwear and many other items can be mended easily with duct tape.  You can use it for so many unbelievable purposes, even as a medical bandage. 

For a list of fifteen basic uses for duct tape while hiking, go here:

Backpack Hikers Need To Light Their Way

Night Hiking Requires Great Illumination

Many hikers disagree on whether a headlamp or a flashlight is the better device for lighting up darkness when hiking or camping.  I tend to lean toward a headlamp because I want to have my hands free.  Dropping a flashlight and having it roll down a mountain was not a favorite moment of my hike. The lightweight quality of a good headlamp is between 5-6 ounces.  A flashlight with batteries could weigh considerably more.  You can easily strap your headlamp to your backpack or other items for illumination. A headlamp can be versatile if there are times when you prefer to hold it or clip it on your vest to keep the trail lit up ahead of you.  If you like carrying a flashlight, you may want to consider a headlamp as a backup light source during the night for off trail nature calls.

C’mon Baby Light My Fire; Trekkers Be Prepared!

backpack bag
Survival Might Include Keeping Warm

Every backpack bag, even if you are only headed out for a day trip, extra sealable plastic bags are a must. Anything could come up causing you to extend your backpacking trip overnight.  Temperature changes happen rapidly at night and keeping warm may end up being a vital part of survival.  Most hikers carry a multi tool that could be used to cut some kindling wood, but starting a fire without matches or another means of lighting it, is crucial.  More importantly is keeping whatever you choose to bring to start a fire DRY. 

Unexpected rain could render your phone unusable if it gets really wet.  Plastic bags keep it from getting wet. Plastic seal bags are a must in your backpack for so many unforeseen uses.  You can put a bunch of dryer lint in a bag with your matches or lighter to keep it all dry for use in an emergency.  This is something that will not weigh you down and you may never use the extra bags you carry, but you’ll be glad to have them along as a means of keeping numerous important things protected and dry.

Hiking Is Better When Your Journey Includes Preparation

Nature Trail Backpacks believes a prepared hiker is a successful hiker.  We want you all safe out there. The best part of reading and learning from other hikers is the wealth of information one can give to another.  Your comment below will be appreciated by less experienced hikers, so please mention the most important thing (other than the obvious) that you always pack for a hiking trip. Thank you and happy hiking!

Hiking Pack; Depression and Mood Changes During Backpack Hiking

hiking pack
There’s Plenty To Discover On A Hike

Hiking pack nature jaunts are becoming more therapeutic as scientific evidence mounts. The fact is that exposure to nature has a direct link to mental health. This is the reason why more hiking and nature trails at the outskirts of large cities are offering urban hiking areas.  City residents are known to have a 20% higher risk of anxiety and an alarming 40% increased risk of mood disorders when compared to rural dwellers.  Have you ever wondered why you love watching sunsets and feel happier when the sun shines?  Let’s examine the premise that hiking is an effective means of controlling depression and mood disorders.

Research Proves Hiking In Nature Impacts Your Mood

hiking pack
Happiness Is Being In Nature

Stanford conducted a study of two groups of people, some exposed to natural outdoor nature settings and others to urban traffic areas. The test was for a period of ninety minutes. Those in the urban areas showed significantly different findings.  Researchers conducting the study measured heart and respiration rates and performed brain scans both before and after the walks.  The participants also filled out questionnaires. Check out the findings HERE.

Grab A Backpack And Find Your Own Hiking Discoveries

hiking pack
Backpack Hiking Opens A World Of Discovery

Hiking pack trekkers don’t really need a scientific research study to discover how or if their mood improves while they’re hiking. If you tend to be a naysayer, you may scoff at the idea of insects, exercise and fears of many kinds. You can easily talk yourself out of even trying a first time hike. Negativity is just some folks middle name no matter what the situation bears.  Obviously, just because you head out hiking, it does not mean you no longer have to take anti-depression medication.  Everyone’s situation is different. Hiking is a form of relaxation for many, but your doctor is the only one who should control your medications. However, you can do your part toward the benefits of mood control in nature.

The kind of anxiety and depression that can directly affect you is from daily life situations. Everyone faces work, family, finances and relationship pressures that affect the brain in a negative way.  Studies have proven that there is a direct psychological benefit to hiking in nature, even if just for an hour or two.  Have you ever had your mood change after a gloomy miserable day when the sun comes out?  Have you experienced awe when noticing a rainbow or a field of wildflowers in full bloom?  Do you enjoy the glorious change of colors in Fall or the way sunlight sparkles like diamonds across water?  That is the connection between nature and being positive on the human brain.

Pretty Versus Ugly While Trekking In Nature

Surround Yourself With The Calming Effects Of Nature

OK, so you determine you like rainbows and sunshine, but you are not crazy about mosquitoes and peeing in the woods. Fear and negativity can cripple you and become a catalyst for never trying anything new.  Backpack hiking is completely different from sitting on your local park bench hoping to catch a few rays.  There is very little to discover, except maybe a pigeon or two and a child playing with a ball.  Once you hit the trail with a hiking backpack, you are on a journey with incredible observations right before your eyes.  You can wear bug spray and conquer other outdoor worries if you really want to. 

A hiking pack interest may benefit from checking into local hiking groups to tag along with until you feel comfortable going solo. Why not alleviate your apprehensions by advice, experience and how others handle similar nervousness?  The unknown is always scary, so doesn’t it make sense to dispel your concerns so that you are more open-minded to the benefits of hiking with a trekking backpack?

Find a local hiking group where you live.

Hikers Brains Perceive Nature In Many Positive Ways

hiking pack
Hiking Pack Trekker Taking In The View

Hiking pack trips have been researched in a growing field of ecotherapy. It’s been found to have a very strong connection between time in nature and stress related ailments. The therapeutic benefits of hiking eliminates the constant loop of negative thoughts that can take over your brain. When you are stressed, anxious or just feeling blue, the negati The calming of nature sounds, such as a running brook, bird calls or leaves blowing in a breeze helps focus the brain on positivity and pleasantness..  Even the greenery and trees calms Cortisol stress levels and lowers blood pressure. The pleasing visual stimulation you experience as you walk the hiking trail also has significant tranquil effects on your mind.

Rethink your connection to tech devices and constant exposure to people and adversity.  There is incredible value in quality alone time within an outdoor setting. Even with a friend or spouse, when you hike together, your enjoyment of the surroundings will improve your mood.  It’s good for you to disconnect from the daily grind to reconnect with each other in a natural setting. Being among pleasing sight and sounds will affect your emotions, tranquility and peacefulness.

How Much Hiking Time Helps Stress?

hiking pack
Even A 30 Minute Hike Can Be Mood Changing

You may feel that it’s stressful just trying to carve time out to go hiking and pack the stuff you need. Next thing you know, you’ve talked yourself out of going.  You’re doing yourself a disservice if you let this happen. In the fast paced world we live in, you owe it to yourself to do all you can to bring serenity and peace into your life the same way exercise is healthy for the body.  And yes, hiking is incredibly good exercise, even on a short hike.  The gift of 20-30 minutes a minimum of three days a week is beneficial beyond measure.  Adding a weekend in the woods of hiking and camping overnight with a hiking bag every month adds even more value to your healthy state of mind.

Trekkers Can De-Stress With Nature’s Sight And Sounds

Hiking Pack Trips Calm With Sounds Of Nature

Can you honestly say you would not benefit from a mood boost?  Life can get you down, but being in the great outdoors changes that. It is the best means for lifting morale and creating a positive vibe as you hike.  There’s a reason why white noise machines are sold with nature sounds of water, birds, rain and wind. The sights and sounds you experience while nature hiking can be of great benefit. Only hearing the sounds without seeing what you are hearing is not going to give you the best results. Get outdoors and enjoy the earth with everything it has to offer.  Sun, clouds, rain and greenery all have positive impact.   Nature Trail Backpacks wishes everyone good health and happy hiking!

Day Hikes Near Me; Urban Hiking Is On The Rise

Day Hikes In Urban Areas Are Trending

Day hikes near me is an internet search hikers can do to familiarize themselves with suburban local hiking trails.   Many cities offer their residents urban areas to get away from the hustle bustle of hectic city noises and commotion. Here is why backpack hiking is so popular, making it the perfect escape from work-week blues and high stress living.  Find out how you can enjoy nature even when you live in or visit a big city without driving for hours.

Check here to view exceptional places for hikes:

Hiking Can Be Enjoyed In Urban Areas

day hikes near me
Getting Away From City Life For Awhile

Who says living in a big city that you can’t enjoy the glorious outdoors?  Even if you spend your day riding the subway and walking on busily populated streets, there is refuge for city dwellers. Hiking in an urban environment has become a popular activity among city dwellers.  Local governments have acknowledged this trend offering hiking trails covering different levels of terrain. Cars, smog, transit traffic; they can be avoided as you take time to heighten your senses in a natural setting, all while getting in some body movement.

 Notice I didn’t use the dreaded word “exercise.”  Seriously, donning a hiking backpack for a day of exploring is the most fun form of that dreaded thought. A hike is not, repetitious or monotonous and it doesn’t require paying for a gym membership. There’s no need to walk the same park over and over just to stay active.

Day hikes near me is information that will have you on a hiking trail pronto, instead of driving hours or days for a taste of the great outdoors. We’re not talking about a stroll through treed sidewalks of a neighborhood park and enjoying a bench on a sunny day. We’re talking about the thrill of actual backpack hiking on trails that are available close to home giving everyone the opportunity to do mini hikes, day hikes or camp for the weekend.

Backpackers; Why Go It Alone; Why Not?

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Social Hikes Are Lots Of Fun

Sometimes you may feel as if you need to escape everything and everyone, so hiking solo is a great option.  If you are more of a people person and enjoy time spent with fellow hikers, there are groups available. You could even find a local partner through these urban groups and make it a social event.

There are plenty of mountains, parks, meadows and exquisite scenery to keep you motivated. The routes will take you across the city and the outskirts of the area you’re in.  Keep your hiking pack ready with plenty of snacks and water as you navigate easy walks leading to more strenuous challenges

Some Big Cities With Backpacking Hike Trails

day hikes near me
Leave The City Behind

BOSTON  Explore the Blue Hills Reservation, which encompasses over 7,000 acres. Hike along the Skyline Trail for the best views of the Boston skyline. The trail winds its way up several hills. A great place to visit is the  unique Rose Kennedy Greenway. This is the only fully organic park in Boston and one of a few in the U.S..

SEATTLE  has some wild refuges right in the city and plenty of nearby trails that can be hiked year round. Bask in the beauty of waterfalls and fabulous forests. Hiking the 3.5 mile Maple Valley trail is a must.

PORTLAND  the city has detailed urban trails mapped out so hikers can access the great outdoors easily. Try the Alameda Ridge and Stairs route.

Urban Hiking Can Also Be Done Here

Salt Lake City is known as an Olympic host.  Hikers have the best access to the outdoors boasting one of the fittest populations in the country. There are ample ski resorts, preservations and mountains that give residents and visitors plenty to do, but nature’s bounty can easily be found minutes from downtown. Click here to see where they are:

Austin TX  with warm weather nearly year-round, has more than about 20,000 acres of parks in the city alone like  the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. You get 10 miles of hiking paradise.

Chicago has an 18.2-mile lakefront trail that goes north to south from Rogers Park to Calumet Park. For an alternative, check out the Montrose Beach Tour, which is one of the few places with a hill and a view in Chicago.  For more listings in this area, see

Even New York City Has Urban Trekking Trails

Ft. Tyron Park is a massive hiking park that lies at the top of Manhattan. After a hike and possible museum stroll at the Cloisters, you can enjoy a perfect nature and culture experience without even leaving the city. Have a picnic lunch at Heather Gardens, a three acre home to trees, shrubs, and perennials, including dozens of varieties of heaths and heathers.  This picturesque area provides color, texture, and interest to all hikers. You can explore the many birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife and insects.

Check out other NYC places to hike

Feedback For Hikers On A Local Level

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Hiking Is Nature’s Nurturing Moments

A day hikes near me search will help nature enthusiasts who live and work in large cities that crave being part of the great outdoors. Naturetrailbackpacks believes we all have a love of nature in us that needs to be explored through hiking. You don’t have to let your geographic location keep you from enjoying areas for hiking that are practically right in your own backyard. Do you have hours to devote to travel? There are times when you need a place closer to home to get your nature fix. We have not covered all of the great urban places to hike here, so please help others by commenting if you have an awesome place for hiking near you. Happy hiking to all!

Trekking Backpack | Hiking With Kids; Is It Worth It?

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Trekking backpack hikers love their outdoor hiking adventures.  They already know how awesome it can be.  They also know the obstacles that could surface and what it takes to endure unforeseen situations on a hike. Those of you that now have a family, have you given up your hiking pack and trekking poles because you have kids?  Do you wish you could share the experiences you’ve had over the years but you fear bringing kids along might be a hassle?  The good news is, yes you should introduce kids to hiking. Here is how you can get them involved and eliminate struggles to make it a great experience instead of a nightmare.

Build Up The Hiking Anticipation

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Prepare Hiking Essentials For Packing In Your Backpack

As a kid, I used to dread the announcement of yet another Sunday drive. I found it boring and whined all the time about having to go. Sound familiar? Part of the secret of building kids interest is in the “announcement.” When you throw the word adventure into the description of what you have planned, you’ll automatically peak a child’s interest.

Start by assembling the items you’ll need to take on your hike and let the kids help you gather things. Allow them to have some ideas of their own. You’ll want to explain that the more they bring, the heavier their backpack will be and to keep that fact in mind. If the kiddos feel like they are part of the planning and preparation, they will be more involved in the end game. Once they pack their hiking bag, have them try it on and let you know if it’s too heavy so that you can make changes at home instead of on the trail. This eliminates discomfort and complaints that can ruin your outing.

Click here for a complete list of what you should take with kids on a day hike.

Backpackers; Go Prepared, Have A Plan, But Be Flexible

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A Hike With A Child Sparks Their Imaginations

Trekking backpack hikes will need to be researched by the parent. Easy day hikes that will take approximately 3-6 hours work best initially. This, of course,depends on your kid’s age (s). Children don’t always have a lengthy attention span, so don’t overwhelm them the first few hikes. Leave them craving more and next time you plan a hike, their enthusiasm will make the trip even more fun. Keep them on the trail, but allow plenty of time to explore nature, turn over some rocks and to view things they have never seen before. If you rush them along to reach a certain point by a certain time, they won’t enjoy the experience. You won’t want them cranky and pouting over not being able to find more bugs or having to move on while they are exploring something in particular.

Pack Plenty Of Backpack Hiker Food, Water And Snacks

Picnics On The Hiking Trail Are Always Fun

Whether in school or play, kids do not physically or mentally perform their best if they are hungry or tired. Be sure to include several snacks and a nutritious lunch in your hiking bag. If you choose the foods kids and adults need to consume for the energy required in hiking, everyone will benefit. Water is vitally important also. Take enough so parents and children stay well hydrated throughout your hiking trip.

You may wonder how much is enough? Find the answers here.

Learning Is Growing On The Trekking Trail

Nature Is A Classroom

Trekking backpack jaunts work well with kids, because they are always drawn to things that make them wonder. The million questions they ask hourly is proof of that. When you take your child(ren) hiking, you open up a world of learning by discovery for real instead of a textbook. They can see nature up close and personal. You won’t question whether taking the kids hiking is worth it or not. Their wonder will be contagious to you and you’ll end up learning from your child. Teaching each other about exploration within the great outdoors is worth every minute spent together.

Help Other Hikers From Your Experiences

At Naturetrailbackpacks, we advocate adults and children spending time seeing life through the eyes of nature. Whether it’s a trail, mountain, hiking path or deep forest, every single hike is different. We urge you to leave a brief comment on positive or negative experiences when hiking with kids. Opinions may vary, but we accept and appreciate all input, as do our fellow hikers. Happy hiking!

Lightweight Backpack; Should You Be Hiking Like A Girl ?

Lightweight backpack hikes by women, female hikers are becoming more prominent among nature enthusiasts by completing thru-hikes and extremely challenging treks through the wilderness.  Whenever women take a spotlight in previously male-oriented sports, job or task, it empowers all women to try.  It changes perceptions that the former “weaker sex” cannot or do not have the male stamina to successfully hike.  Men make awesome hikers also, of course, but when you hike like a girl, this is what you can expect.  It might not be a bad idea for men to take some of these tips from the ladies and benefit from them.

Venus Versus Mars Trail Hikers

Statistically women are more organized then men, not all, but dare I say most?  Packing a hiking backpack is no easy feat.  Remembering to bring everything and fitting it all inside your hiking bag is a challenge every new hiker experiences. Ladies tend to learn more from the influential women in their lives while growing up. Do you recall watching your mom pack assembly-line lunches for five kids, washing and sorting mounds of dirty clothes, and preparing meals with chopping, cutting and following recipes day after day? Those were life skills you were learning without realizing it. Women tend to be more inclined to make lists of their gear, toiletries, food, water and other essentials. Men tend to just toss things in a bag with a mental check list. Either way will get the job done, but forgetting something is less likely when you make lists.

Lightweight backpack hikers, both men and women, walk differently. It is documented that men tend to be more competitive when hiking with a buddy or in a group. Women, wouldn’t you agree that you are in more of a zen mood than a competitive challenge while hiking? Ladies may tend to walk slower to savor every sight and sound. It’s not about ability, it’s about thought processes between the species. Hiking, whether fast or slow is beneficial to our mental health as well. Walking amidst nature helps men and women shift your mood from the right hemisphere to the left. This does wonderful things to your brain, such as producing calmness and a feeling of peace.

Hiking Challenges Women Face On The Trail

Women face many of the same challenges men do on the hiking trail. However, uniquely to females, they are constantly thought of as crazy, unequipped or just plain too “delicate” to hike like a man. They constantly face obstacles and situations that men often escape. They not only fear the wild animals in nature, but also the sexual predators who feel that a woman on the trail is fair game for their lust. Women hikers can and should learn that they don’t have to be less safe when they backpack hike solo just because they are female.

lightweight backpack
Get Your Hike On With Self Confidence

A backpacking experience is virtually no different from male to female. There are still wilderness encounters, terrain challenges and confrontations with wild animals plus severe weather. Hikers of both genders will face similar occurrences at one point or another. Learning the knowledge and skills required for hiking is not limited for either sex as both can grasp the master the elements for a successful hike. Therefore, it should not be assumed that a man is brave for heading out into the wild alone, while a woman be considered crazy for attempting the same trip. The best element for either gender is common sense and awareness of the environment they’re in.

Does Backpacking Weight Make A Difference?

A lightweight backpack will be more comfortable for any hiker. Due to physical stature, it is more difficult for women to carry heavy backpack loads. While hiking, if you keep your hiking pack weight at or around 25% of your body weight, you will do fine. Obviously the weight of your pack will fluctuate as you hike as you lessen the load of your food and water.

Here’s how much your backpack should weigh when packed.

Lady Hikers Deal With Things Men Don’t Have To

Backpack Hiking Is Not Gender Specific

Lightweight backpack females will encounter hygiene and elimination issues that are different scenarios from men on the trail. It’s a total myth that women should not be hiking while they are menstruating because it will attract bears. Men do not have to deal with the cramps and weakness from blood loss during menses. The pads and tampons, along with cleansing wipes used, must be packed out, not buried. Stick to easier hikes during this time. You are not a “weaker” sex during this time, you are just being considerate of your body functions as a female. Save the more strenuous hikes for the rest of the month.

Trekkers; Listen To Your Gut On The Hike Trail

lightweight backpack
Solo Female Hikers Feel More Confident With Every Hike

Women tend to have stronger instincts and tend to pick up on body language and verbal clues more than men seem to. If you are questioning a hiker you encounter or something feels uncomfortable in your environment, listen to your intuition.

Find out how to deal with women’s hiking issues for a safer backpacking experience.

Precautions Make Hiking Backpackers More Aware

Hiking Gives You Empowerment

During a lightweight backpack hiking trek, I believe men and women perceive danger differently. Hiking like a girl is being more cautious than their macho counterpart in many instances. Being afraid is not a bad thing when you first begin to hike. It will heighten your senses and keep you alert to everything around you. Having that increased level of awareness or hesitancy due to the unknown is the armor that protects you in the wilderness. Men may feel the initial fear but will brush it off feeling that displaying a “manly” persona is what is expected of him. Every hiker begins nervous and leery of that first few hikes. Keeping a certain level of uneasiness doesn’t make you weak, it keeps you cognizant of your surroundings, which is a good thing.

Trekkers Bottom Line; A Combination Of Traits Is Best

Men And Women Can Accomplish Incredible Hikes

Have you ever heard that a couple with ying and yang make the most successful relationships? The same holds true for hiking. Men and women can learn from each other. There is no “weaker” sex when it comes to backpack hiking. As time evolves, more and more women are taking up hiking and having a blast, whether in a group or solo. Both genders have to learn very basic information and then fill in the blanks with research, group hikes and downright experience on the trail. As a hiking community, we can all learn from one another. Naturetrailbackpacks encourages readers to leave a comment below to help other hikers if you have encountered hiking issues as a female, and how you conquered them. Male and female hikers are always wished happy hiking!

Water Backpack; New Hikers Are Least Prepared For This!

water backpack

A water backpack is a big consideration if you are a nature enthusiast who has not tried hiking yet. Are you interested in spending time in the wild with a hiking bag and camping under the stars? Do you hate drinking water? In order for a hike to be successful, you will need to take adequate food and water to sustain yourself for however long you’ll be hiking the trails. You may be surprised to learn the most crucial mistake beginner hikers make when they begin hiking excursions. All too often, hikers forget or don’t realize just how much water their bodies need while hiking. If you’re reading this, you’ll have nothing to worry about because you’ll be informed with this article.

Avoiding Dehydration While Backpack Hiking

water backpack
Water Backpack With Hydration Bladder And Drink Tubing

Let’s use the example of an overnight weekend camping trip. You’ll leave mid morning on Saturday and end your hike late afternoon on Sunday. How much water should you consume in that time period? Experienced hikers may know the answer, while beginners may just try to guess. A good rule of thumb is to consume approximately 1 liter, which is equal to one quart, for every two hours of hiking.

Of that approximate 26 hours , you will be sleeping roughly 8 hours of that time and resting about 3-6 hours, depending on your break times for relaxation. Therefore, we’ll “guesstimate” an average of 12 total hours of actual hiking. In this case you would need to consume a total of 6 liters when you drink 1 liter for every two hours of hiking.

As you hike, you may think you are not thirsty because our thirst mechanism doesn’t readily coincide with our actual intake. Not giving your body the fluids it needs to be properly hydrated, aka dehydrated, is pretty serious. When I use the term “water”, it can include any water based beverages such as Gatorade, flavored water or any other non-caffeinated liquid. Straight up water in your hiking backpack is always good for your kidneys because it doesn’t need internal filtering.

When Hiking, I Don’t See Myself Sweating Much

Your adult body is made up of 60%-70% water. Hiking depletes your body of essential fluids, salt and electrolytes because you will sweat, even if you don’t feel like you are. So how much is enough? Frequent sipping of 1 liter of fluid over a 2 hour period of active hiking is recommended. Instead of large gulps, you will help your body retain the fluids more efficiently by drinking slower instead of overloading your bladder. If you do this over the entire time of your hike, even when you don’t feel thirsty, you won’t have issues with hydration.

Hikers; Can’t Recall How Much You Drank? Watch For These Signs

water backpack
Drinking Water While You Hike Is Beneficial To A Successful Hike

If you lose track of how much fluids you drank, you may be having so much fun exploring that you may think you consumed more than you actually did. It’s not like you have to write it down but empty bottles in your backpack is a good indication of how much you’ve taken in. What does a body feel like that is dehydrated or needing to replenish fluids? First, you will begin to feel overly tired and not as energized. You may begin to experience a headache. Whenever the body loses more water than it takes in, you are susceptible to dehydration. We lose water through our urine, feces, sweat, skin and breath.

Be aware; when did you pee last? Since you’ll most likely be peeing on the ground, you may not be able to note its color. Your pee should be a light straw color, not dark yellow. You could feel dizzy or light-headed if you are hiking over rough terrain and not adequately hydrated. Your heartbeat and breathing could become rapid. If you feel any of these symptoms, don’t try to drink too much all at once. Continuous sips of water and snacks of cucumber, watermelon, berries and apples work well. Taking a rest break while slowly re-hydrating your body will get your strength back.

Hiking Water Weighs A Ton In My Backpack Bag

water backpack
Plastic Portable Or Stainless Steel Reusable Bottles Can Be Used

Your water backpack will have it’s own sleeve to carry a water bladder for drinking water. If not, you can carry your own individual bottles, in fact it’s not wise to rely on a water bladder alone because it could always spring a leak and then you’d be at a loss for drinkable water. If the map in your hiking pack shows sources of fresh water along your hike, such as a creek, lake, river or waterfall, be attentive to the weather. During hot summer spells, your water source could have dried up. Otherwise, you won’t need to carry heavy bottles, you can refill at sources along the trail, which is always ideal when it’s available

If relying on these outdoor water sources, you’ll need to carry purification drops or tablets in your hiking pack. This will avoid sickness from water with bacteria that you can’t even see. Trust me, you don’t want a bad case of stomach pains and diarrhea to ruin your hike. Water that looks crystal clear to the naked eye can easily have harmful bacteria in it. It’s better to be safe than sorry when you are in the wild.

Purify All “Fresh” Water Sources

A water backpack can be a hiking backpack that you add a bladder to, or simply carry water in it. A hydration backpack is predominantly for the bladder and gear tubing without a whole lot of room for your other essentials. The important take away is the knowledge of how hikers can easily become dehydrated while hiking if they are not careful with fluid consumption.

Accidents could always happen while you’re on a long hike, but dehydration is very preventable if you listen to your body and heed this advice. NatureTrailBackpacks community consists of very experienced to brand new hikers. We can all learn from each other. Feel free to comment below your ideas for staying well hydrated when you take a hike. Most of all, enjoy your hikes to the fullest by staying happily hydrated : )