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backpacking packs

Backpacking packs used on hiking trips will get you out of the house and provide freedom from stuffy winter walls.  Have you hibernated like a bear all winter and now you’re itching have some fun outdoors?  Not all parts of the country are buried in snow, however, winter hiking is rising in popularity everywhere.  By mid-February, many of us are sick of being housebound and breathing re-circulated furnace air. Here’s how you can be outside and rejuvenate your body in the great outdoors while waiting for Spring to show up.

Mother Nature; Take Me Away On A Hike!

Hiking with snowshoes gets you out in the fresh air, along with some Vitamin D from the sun, you’ll be able to revive your winter blues. If you don’t feel like investing in snowshoes for the whole family, many places are available with rentals for the day, which make this a great option for family hikes. Here are some suggestions for winter places to try a snowshoe hike   

Many other states have similar locations during the winter, so check your local area.

Romantic Hiking Ideas For Couples

backpacking packs

Backpacking packs have pockets to tuck away some champagne and boxed chocolates.  Why not consider a quaint cabin in the woods where you can cozy up by the fire after some cross-country skiing or a trail hike through gorgeous pines?  You can surprise your mate with a thermos of hot cocoa or a nicely chilled bottle of wine that will warm your insides halfway through your trek.  Check out these possibilities for romantic winter cabins.

Even if hiking for a few hours, it’s highly advisable to carry emergency items such as a blanket, flashlight and compass in your hiking bag.  Your cell phone can only communicate with enough signal and battery power where you’re located. Hand warmers and extra protein bars, plus water are also advised.

You’ll be glad you came prepared while hiking because the unexpected is possible any time you are out in nature’s elements.

Where Are The Best Backpack Hikes During Winter?

backpacking packs

These backpacking packs hiking areas actually prove to be better in winter than other times of the year.  Typically, many hikers think the weather has to be ideal, such as in summer and Fall before they like to trek the mountains and trails.   HERE are some U.S. places that are better to try for winter hiking that will give you the nature fix you’re craving in February.

Winter hikes can often be more enjoyable because you aren’t battling bugs, pop-up thunderstorms or bad sunburn.  It is advisable to pack sunscreen in your outdoor backpack for your face year round, but most of your skin will be covered in winter.

More Than Three Million People Could Benefit From Winter Backpacking

backpacking packs

Over 3 million folks suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder which is called SAD.  That’s an appropriate name because it’s a mood disorder, usually in winter from lack of sunlight exposure.  Depression and lack of interest in activities develops from SAD.  You would typically experience symptoms for a few months between late fall and Spring when daylight hours are shorter.

Why not grab a buddy or take the family on a winter hiking adventure to gain exposure to the sun, the fresh air and all of its healthy components.  A brisk backpack hike, even if only for a few hours, is the best medicine for shaking the dreary winter blues.  Do you believe in Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Feel free to comment below to help others gain knowledge and suggestions from fellow hikers.  Nature Trail Backpacks wishes you all happy hiking!


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