Backpacks For Men; What’s All The Hype About Backpack Hiking?

backpacks for men
Backpackers Enjoying A Great Hike

Backpacks for men in past centuries often consisted of a burlap sack tied on a stick. You might have a vision of a hobo carrying a get-up like that.  Today, backpack manufacturers are keenly aware of the love of backpack hiking, but it’s not just men that carry hiking packs.  More women are learning the adventure that lies in trail backpack hikes.  The current hype can be explained by the growing numbers of men and women taking up the sport. Here is why more folks are hiking and loving it.

Is Hiking Really Loved By Both Sexes?

backpacks for men
Men And Women Love To Backpack Hike

Do women really enjoy the bugs, the strange nature sounds and the fear of snakes and bears?  You know, no one actually loves these things. However, women are wearing large backpacks and learning how to navigate many terrains. They’re camping on overnight hikes and enjoying nature in situations on a thru-hike.  If you’re new to hiking, you may find that it’s helpful to hike with a local hiking group or an experienced partner your first few times out.  Your fears of the wild will easily dissipate, when situations that make you uncomfortable, are explained and you learn the best ways to deal with them during your backpacking backpack trip.

What Age Group Is Attracted To Backpack Hiking?

backpacks for men
Family Backpack Hikes Are Very Popular

Backpacks for men are worn by both sexes in the Millennial, Generation X and Y population.  Many Boomers over 65 are enjoying day hikes and the challenges of climbing different terrains for fitness and to stay active.  Many younger people who work full time jobs are looking for something beyond the monotonous gym routines to satisfy their quest for adventure. They are turning to the exploration of the outdoors through hiking, both in local venues and wherever they travel.

You’ll find a great breakdown of information HERE regarding the love for the outdoors and backpack hiking from the different generations. 

Isn’t Trail Hiking Dangerous In This Day And Age?

backpacks for men
Backpack Hikers Come In All Ages

The simple answer to your question is yes it can be, but only if you are unprepared and inexperienced.  If you strap on a hiking bag and head out to the middle of nowhere without thoughtful planning and preparation, you’re setting yourself up for danger and an unsuccessful hike.  Hikers who know how to handle creepy strangers they may encounter, and map out their hike beforehand, will fair out better.  When you know where you are hiking and what the wild animal habitat is there, you’ll be armed adequately if you research info and learn survival preparedness for situations in that area.

Not all hikers you meet up with on the trail are creeps.  Many have useful information to share about the current conditions of the trail, valuable how- to tips and willingly enjoy helping other hikers with suggestions and advice for multiple nature situations that you may have never experienced before.

Why Is Backpack Trekking So Popular Now?

backpacks for men
Hiking With A Backpack Is Great Exercise

Backpacks for men are very often worn by women.  Ladies who are extremely petite may find a child’s backpack more comfortable.  Most average or plus-sized women find a man’s hike pack or a unisex backpack fits their body well.   Setting out on your own two feet carrying the essentials for your day on your back is a thrill in itself. There’s a feeling of empowerment and an almost savage primal enjoyment in connecting with nature. 

Hiking popularity is escalating because being unplugged from a tech world while exploring the wonder of nature’s beauty, helps reboot  your mind.  You don’t need a vast amount of equipment or know-how.  Planning and executing your plan with another who’s experienced will give you the know-how to enjoy solo hiking after awhile.

How Do I Choose The Right Hiking Trail For Me?

Backpack Trips Can Be On Any Trail

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Have you ever heard that before?  Consider things like your fitness level, the time you can devote to a hike and what terrain appeals to you more.  Do you want to climb mountains, meander through meadows or explore a forest? HERE are some great suggestions for  planning your route for the type of hike you prefer.

Your Hiking Backpack Trip; The Hype Is Real

Exciting Views Are Available On Backpacking Hikes

Backpacks for men and women will be the most important piece of gear for a great hike.  Don’t be tempted to grab a box store “book bag” and expect it to stand up to outdoor elements, the weight of your food and water plus other necessities. You’ll end up not happy when your strap breaks or a seam or zipper fails and your contents get wet or lost.  Nature Trail Backpacks wants every hike you take to be a great one


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