Day Backpack – Shocking! Non- Hikers Use Hiking Bags

day backpack
Hiking Backpacks Are Not Just For Hiking Anymore

Day backpack users all over the world utilize an outdoor backpack for hikes of all levels. So, it’s not uncommon to see backpacks when we are in the great outdoors.  After all, you need to bring hiking essentials when you hit the trail. But in your every-day life, have you looked around you lately? Here are some compelling reasons why people have discovered how convenient it is to carry a hiking backpack for non-hiking activity.

Easy Peasy Lifestyle When You Carry a Hiking Pack

day backpack
Carrying Essentials From Home To Work With A Hiking Pack

People who haven’t yet experienced the positive aspects of backpack hiking may have different reasons for sporting a hiking bag.  It just makes sense for anyone who has to carry things from point A to point B.  So how many folks actually use outdoor backpacks every day? Americans are buying more backpacks than ever, over 174 million of them, according to the Travel Good Association.  

If you observe the streets of New York to LA, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of people wearing backpacks. Not just students on campus, but everyday folks going to work and play.  Have you ever used a hiking backpack for travel instead of an overnight bag?  Backpacks are replacing luggage for short trips because they are so easy to carry without risking back injuries or shoulder problems carrying them through airports and tourist visits.

What Types of Non-Hikers Use An Outdoor Backpack?

day backpack
Effortless Way To Carry Daily Necessities

Day backpack usage by men who are replacing briefcases with backpacks, is astounding. Parents are finding that a good solid backpack of quality makes an incredible diaper bag, especially for Dads who feel odd carrying a cute little diaper bag with baby stuff spilling out.

We have become a digital world, which means we are carrying all sorts of tech gear with us when we go to work or visiting friends. People want to stay connected socially when they are out and about.  Cafes are popping up everywhere as places for office meetings and business connections that offer WiFi capabilities for folks carrying laptops.

Hiking Bag Manufacturers Are Designing Backpacks Differently

The Maxpedition Entity

With the multiples uses cropping up for backpacks, the folks who design them are taking all these changes into serious consideration.  While observing the habits of homeless people and mountaineers, designers have paid attention to what we carry and how.  Don’t you wish you had organizational pockets to avoid digging for a pacifier to soothe a screaming baby.  How great would it be to find all of your “stuff” at the tips of your fingers with most often used items at easy reach?

Compartments and pockets for tech wires and chargers, quick snacks while on the run and easy access to your money or credit card is forefront in the making of modern backpacks.  This has been done to recognize your needs for storage and carrying of gear whether you are hiking or not.

Student Backpacks Have Evolved To Tactical Backpacks in Popularity

day backpack
Students Wearing Hiking Packs

Many course outlines and study methods have transformed from heavy textbooks to more tech gear. Carrying your daily necessities can get a bit heavy unless you carry smart; with a backpack.  Orthopedic doctors are seeing a rise in young people with back and shoulder issues from carrying weight improperly.  If you distribute the load adequately, you’ll be doing your entire frame a favor.

If you’re wondering if you’re doing it correctly, go HERE

A day backpack can also be called an EDC (every day carry) pack.  You may find that all of your carry gear and items can be comfortably carried in a tactical backpack like THIS ONE.  The word tactical simply means organized.  Anyone who wants their daily items to be easily accessible on the go would benefit from using a tactical pack. With multiple MOLLE straps on the exterior, you can carry odd shaped or bulky items on the outside of your backpack.  Many tactical packs have a concealed carry feature which comes in handy depending on your line of work.  These CCW pockets can also be used for a laptop or water bladder which makes a tactical bag useful in multiple situations.

An Open Mind Will Have You Re-Thinking Uses For A Hiking Pack

day backpack
Hiking Backpacks Make Great Travel Bags

Naturetrailbackpacks encourages hikers and non-hikers to realize the full potential of owning a hiking backpack. Briefcases, man purses and foo-foo diaper bags are no longer trending.  Hiking day packs are more popular for carrying today’s often used on-the-go essentials.  Do you have a unique use for your hiking backpack?  Help others by commenting below if you use a backpack for other purposes than hiking.  We wish everyone happy hiking and easier travel with a quality outdoor backpack.


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