Travel Backpack; Why is Hiking The #1 Adventure Of Travelers?

travel backpack
Backpack Hikers Enjoying A Scenic Hike

A travel backpack is something you’ll want to have along on your next vacation.  Popular trends show that hiking is the number one preferred adventure of travelers. As of 2019, hiking is replacing yoga as the preferred fitness activity.  But the question is, why?  Why are folks of all ages taking up hiking, even if they are already fit and energetic or older in age?   What is the draw that is causing hiking to be deemed the number one adventure, especially when traveling?

Jobs Prevent People From Enjoying Nature Hikes

Backpack Hikes Can Relieve Every Day Stress

Many people are not fortunate enough to work outdoors.  Are you one of the millions who only get a minimal lunch hour to be outside, if at all, during your work day?  When you lead a stressful life with job and family pressures, being in nature is the best medicine for disconnecting and de-stressing.  Some folks are fine with a casual stroll through a park, but if you tend to be on the adventurous side, you know you crave more.  The challenge of climbing to a summit or hiking the Appalachian Trail is more appealing, right?  Even a trail through your home town can expose you to hiking for the fun of it. Why not explore your area for great trails and hiking groups?

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Backpack Hikers Have No Age Barriers

travel backpack
Anyone Can Go Hiking

A travel backpack is simply an outdoor hiking pack that is better quality than a book-bag backpack.  Over the past few decades there has been much focus on health in regards to exercise and fitness. Backpack hiking is trending and becoming more popular than a routine gym regimen. Parents with small children, young adults and middle-aged hikers, along with seniors are seeing the joy and energy they get from hiking. You don’t have to don a huge framed backpack and live in the wilderness for weeks (unless you want to) you can enjoy regular day hikes in your community, join a local group or venture out to parts unknown. 

Many hikers are getting healthy while enjoying a physically and mentally rewarding “walk.”  Not to be confused with a neighborhood brief walk after dinner, but seriously, anyone who can walk can hike.  The best part is you get to choose where, for how long, and how often. You could even get exercise and serenity by hiking with a handicapped person in a wheelchair, which will bring joy to both parties. Be sure to check trail conditions for terrains accessible to wheelchairs; many exist.

Vacations Are Perfect For Backpack Trekking

travel backpack
Backpack Hiking Adventures Make Vacations Awesome

Your travel backpack can be used in place of luggage while traveling.  Let’s say you live in the Northeast and it’s February.  You and the family take a trip to Disney or the Grand Canyon, for example.  Practically everywhere you travel, there is information on local hiking trails.  Empty your backpack into your hotel dresser and use it to discover some incredible scenery and nature up close and personal. You can only do just so much souvenir shopping and sitting on a beach. 

If you are a more adventurous traveler, you’ll head to the hills, forests, mountains or coastal hiking spots. Pack a lunch and some snacks and water, then take day hikes to numerous towns near where you are staying.  So many folks are tired of high prices in tourist towns and being confined to a hotel atmosphere.  It’s your vacation, so why not explore beyond the limits of your area. The memories, the magnificent views and the different challenge levels will have you energized and motivated to hike more often.

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Hiking For Fitness Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

travel backpack
Backpack Hiking Improves Mental Outlook

Chances are, if you are already into hiking, you are fairly physically fit. But there is much more to hiking than the physical exercise.  Studies show that backpacking is becoming more popular to aid in diabetes, arthritis and lung disorders. Ok, so you don’t have any problems in those areas, let’s say you deal with depression or anxiety at times.  Hiking is a body and soul cleansing act that frees your mind and helps you re-boot your attitude and view life in a different perspective simply by being an integral part of nature as you navigate a trail or spend time in the wilderness.

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Trekking Can Be Relaxing, Therapeutic And Nurturing

travel backpack
Grab Your Travel Backpack And Go Explore

The travel backpack you choose can have multi purposes. You’ll want your hiking bag to be made with sturdy and durable fabric, quality seams and strong reliable straps. Many hiking nightmares have been due to backpack malfunctions on cheaply made packs. When you are carrying your gear and essentials, the last thing you need is for straps to break causing you pack to fall off and down an embankment.  Your time in nature and especially during a vacation is meant to be carefree and exhilarating.

The absolute best way to find out why so many people are enjoying backpack hiking on their vacation trips and weekend getaways is to experience it for yourself.  The challenges, the competitive hikes and the social aspects of being with friends are only some of the motivating factors that keep people loving to hike. Naturetrailbackpacks hopes you will share with readers where you love hiking the most and how it makes you keep going for more challenging trails and repeated adventures. Comments below of this nature are very helpful to other nature enthusiasts, so please leave a few words to inspire someone else.  Happy hiking to all!


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