Backpack Bag – 5 Items You Mustn’t Leave Home On A Backpack Trip

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A Prepared Backpack Hiker Is A Happy Hiker

A backpack bag normally includes hiking gear and your daily essentials for the length of trip you’re taking.  Most of us can figure out the basics, such as food, water, sunscreen, extra clothing and a sleeping bag.  Have you ever taken a vacation or day trip where you wished you had included something in your travel bag that you didn’t?  Here are 5 main things that you won’t want to leave behind for the best hiking experience.

Hikers May See More Than Gorgeous Scenery Along The Trail

There Are Many Wonders To See On A Backpack Hike

How great is the fact that today’s cell phones have considerably high resolution cameras?  This means you can leave a bulky camera at home, or even carry yours in your hiking bag.  But what if you see something in the distance that you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking at and wish you could see better?  A good set of binoculars are a hiker’s best friend.  You might see wildlife from afar that is dangerous to approach for a closer photo op.  Maybe you’ll spot a owl or hawk in the distant tree branches that you’d like to get a better view of.  You may want to examine the terrain of a nearby mountain top before climbing.  Get a better look with your binoculars. They come in lightweight styles that you can hang around your neck or pack in your backpack.

Backpackers Need A Good Night’s Sleep

Hikers Need Great Sleep To Continue Their Journey

Backpack bag hiking trips can be exhausting which makes it imperative that hikers have a comfortable sleep that a sleeping bag alone placed directly on the ground cannot always provide.  A backpack sleeping pad with high R-valueof at least 5-6 with amplecushioning provides insulation from the ground. For a restful night, you’ll be glad you packed a lightweight sleeping bag pad with cushioning from the cold wet ground.  Every ounce counts when you are carrying your cargo on your back, but an ultralight pad, not to be confused with a full size air mattress, can weigh less than a pound.

For product information and in-depth reviews check here:

All Purpose Fixer Upper For Hiking Jaunts

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The Perfect Hikers Tool

A hiking excursion must-have item in your hiking backpack that is worth its weight in gold is duct tape or duck tape, whatever you want to call it.  Having personal experience with this magical wonder tape, I have used it for literally hundreds of temporary fixes while hiking on the trail.  You can patch, heal, create and even replace numerous broken or ripped articles in a flash with this simple adhesive. Depending on how long your hiking trek is, you can take the whole roll or simply wind several yards on a pencil for a lightweight fixer upper.

Stuff happens on a hiking trip that you can’t always foresee.  Rips in tents, sleeping bags, footwear and many other items can be mended easily with duct tape.  You can use it for so many unbelievable purposes, even as a medical bandage. 

For a list of fifteen basic uses for duct tape while hiking, go here:

Backpack Hikers Need To Light Their Way

Night Hiking Requires Great Illumination

Many hikers disagree on whether a headlamp or a flashlight is the better device for lighting up darkness when hiking or camping.  I tend to lean toward a headlamp because I want to have my hands free.  Dropping a flashlight and having it roll down a mountain was not a favorite moment of my hike. The lightweight quality of a good headlamp is between 5-6 ounces.  A flashlight with batteries could weigh considerably more.  You can easily strap your headlamp to your backpack or other items for illumination. A headlamp can be versatile if there are times when you prefer to hold it or clip it on your vest to keep the trail lit up ahead of you.  If you like carrying a flashlight, you may want to consider a headlamp as a backup light source during the night for off trail nature calls.

C’mon Baby Light My Fire; Trekkers Be Prepared!

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Survival Might Include Keeping Warm

Every backpack bag, even if you are only headed out for a day trip, extra sealable plastic bags are a must. Anything could come up causing you to extend your backpacking trip overnight.  Temperature changes happen rapidly at night and keeping warm may end up being a vital part of survival.  Most hikers carry a multi tool that could be used to cut some kindling wood, but starting a fire without matches or another means of lighting it, is crucial.  More importantly is keeping whatever you choose to bring to start a fire DRY. 

Unexpected rain could render your phone unusable if it gets really wet.  Plastic bags keep it from getting wet. Plastic seal bags are a must in your backpack for so many unforeseen uses.  You can put a bunch of dryer lint in a bag with your matches or lighter to keep it all dry for use in an emergency.  This is something that will not weigh you down and you may never use the extra bags you carry, but you’ll be glad to have them along as a means of keeping numerous important things protected and dry.

Hiking Is Better When Your Journey Includes Preparation

Nature Trail Backpacks believes a prepared hiker is a successful hiker.  We want you all safe out there. The best part of reading and learning from other hikers is the wealth of information one can give to another.  Your comment below will be appreciated by less experienced hikers, so please mention the most important thing (other than the obvious) that you always pack for a hiking trip. Thank you and happy hiking!


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