Day Hikes Near Me; Urban Hiking Is On The Rise

Day Hikes In Urban Areas Are Trending

Day hikes near me is an internet search hikers can do to familiarize themselves with suburban local hiking trails.   Many cities offer their residents urban areas to get away from the hustle bustle of hectic city noises and commotion. Here is why backpack hiking is so popular, making it the perfect escape from work-week blues and high stress living.  Find out how you can enjoy nature even when you live in or visit a big city without driving for hours.

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Hiking Can Be Enjoyed In Urban Areas

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Getting Away From City Life For Awhile

Who says living in a big city that you can’t enjoy the glorious outdoors?  Even if you spend your day riding the subway and walking on busily populated streets, there is refuge for city dwellers. Hiking in an urban environment has become a popular activity among city dwellers.  Local governments have acknowledged this trend offering hiking trails covering different levels of terrain. Cars, smog, transit traffic; they can be avoided as you take time to heighten your senses in a natural setting, all while getting in some body movement.

 Notice I didn’t use the dreaded word “exercise.”  Seriously, donning a hiking backpack for a day of exploring is the most fun form of that dreaded thought. A hike is not, repetitious or monotonous and it doesn’t require paying for a gym membership. There’s no need to walk the same park over and over just to stay active.

Day hikes near me is information that will have you on a hiking trail pronto, instead of driving hours or days for a taste of the great outdoors. We’re not talking about a stroll through treed sidewalks of a neighborhood park and enjoying a bench on a sunny day. We’re talking about the thrill of actual backpack hiking on trails that are available close to home giving everyone the opportunity to do mini hikes, day hikes or camp for the weekend.

Backpackers; Why Go It Alone; Why Not?

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Social Hikes Are Lots Of Fun

Sometimes you may feel as if you need to escape everything and everyone, so hiking solo is a great option.  If you are more of a people person and enjoy time spent with fellow hikers, there are groups available. You could even find a local partner through these urban groups and make it a social event.

There are plenty of mountains, parks, meadows and exquisite scenery to keep you motivated. The routes will take you across the city and the outskirts of the area you’re in.  Keep your hiking pack ready with plenty of snacks and water as you navigate easy walks leading to more strenuous challenges

Some Big Cities With Backpacking Hike Trails

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Leave The City Behind

BOSTON  Explore the Blue Hills Reservation, which encompasses over 7,000 acres. Hike along the Skyline Trail for the best views of the Boston skyline. The trail winds its way up several hills. A great place to visit is the  unique Rose Kennedy Greenway. This is the only fully organic park in Boston and one of a few in the U.S..

SEATTLE  has some wild refuges right in the city and plenty of nearby trails that can be hiked year round. Bask in the beauty of waterfalls and fabulous forests. Hiking the 3.5 mile Maple Valley trail is a must.

PORTLAND  the city has detailed urban trails mapped out so hikers can access the great outdoors easily. Try the Alameda Ridge and Stairs route.

Urban Hiking Can Also Be Done Here

Salt Lake City is known as an Olympic host.  Hikers have the best access to the outdoors boasting one of the fittest populations in the country. There are ample ski resorts, preservations and mountains that give residents and visitors plenty to do, but nature’s bounty can easily be found minutes from downtown. Click here to see where they are:

Austin TX  with warm weather nearly year-round, has more than about 20,000 acres of parks in the city alone like  the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. You get 10 miles of hiking paradise.

Chicago has an 18.2-mile lakefront trail that goes north to south from Rogers Park to Calumet Park. For an alternative, check out the Montrose Beach Tour, which is one of the few places with a hill and a view in Chicago.  For more listings in this area, see

Even New York City Has Urban Trekking Trails

Ft. Tyron Park is a massive hiking park that lies at the top of Manhattan. After a hike and possible museum stroll at the Cloisters, you can enjoy a perfect nature and culture experience without even leaving the city. Have a picnic lunch at Heather Gardens, a three acre home to trees, shrubs, and perennials, including dozens of varieties of heaths and heathers.  This picturesque area provides color, texture, and interest to all hikers. You can explore the many birds, butterflies, and other beneficial wildlife and insects.

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Feedback For Hikers On A Local Level

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Hiking Is Nature’s Nurturing Moments

A day hikes near me search will help nature enthusiasts who live and work in large cities that crave being part of the great outdoors. Naturetrailbackpacks believes we all have a love of nature in us that needs to be explored through hiking. You don’t have to let your geographic location keep you from enjoying areas for hiking that are practically right in your own backyard. Do you have hours to devote to travel? There are times when you need a place closer to home to get your nature fix. We have not covered all of the great urban places to hike here, so please help others by commenting if you have an awesome place for hiking near you. Happy hiking to all!


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