Trekking Backpack | Hiking With Kids; Is It Worth It?

trekking backpack

Trekking backpack hikers love their outdoor hiking adventures.  They already know how awesome it can be.  They also know the obstacles that could surface and what it takes to endure unforeseen situations on a hike. Those of you that now have a family, have you given up your hiking pack and trekking poles because you have kids?  Do you wish you could share the experiences you’ve had over the years but you fear bringing kids along might be a hassle?  The good news is, yes you should introduce kids to hiking. Here is how you can get them involved and eliminate struggles to make it a great experience instead of a nightmare.

Build Up The Hiking Anticipation

trekking backpack
Prepare Hiking Essentials For Packing In Your Backpack

As a kid, I used to dread the announcement of yet another Sunday drive. I found it boring and whined all the time about having to go. Sound familiar? Part of the secret of building kids interest is in the “announcement.” When you throw the word adventure into the description of what you have planned, you’ll automatically peak a child’s interest.

Start by assembling the items you’ll need to take on your hike and let the kids help you gather things. Allow them to have some ideas of their own. You’ll want to explain that the more they bring, the heavier their backpack will be and to keep that fact in mind. If the kiddos feel like they are part of the planning and preparation, they will be more involved in the end game. Once they pack their hiking bag, have them try it on and let you know if it’s too heavy so that you can make changes at home instead of on the trail. This eliminates discomfort and complaints that can ruin your outing.

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Backpackers; Go Prepared, Have A Plan, But Be Flexible

trekking backpack
A Hike With A Child Sparks Their Imaginations

Trekking backpack hikes will need to be researched by the parent. Easy day hikes that will take approximately 3-6 hours work best initially. This, of course,depends on your kid’s age (s). Children don’t always have a lengthy attention span, so don’t overwhelm them the first few hikes. Leave them craving more and next time you plan a hike, their enthusiasm will make the trip even more fun. Keep them on the trail, but allow plenty of time to explore nature, turn over some rocks and to view things they have never seen before. If you rush them along to reach a certain point by a certain time, they won’t enjoy the experience. You won’t want them cranky and pouting over not being able to find more bugs or having to move on while they are exploring something in particular.

Pack Plenty Of Backpack Hiker Food, Water And Snacks

Picnics On The Hiking Trail Are Always Fun

Whether in school or play, kids do not physically or mentally perform their best if they are hungry or tired. Be sure to include several snacks and a nutritious lunch in your hiking bag. If you choose the foods kids and adults need to consume for the energy required in hiking, everyone will benefit. Water is vitally important also. Take enough so parents and children stay well hydrated throughout your hiking trip.

You may wonder how much is enough? Find the answers here.

Learning Is Growing On The Trekking Trail

Nature Is A Classroom

Trekking backpack jaunts work well with kids, because they are always drawn to things that make them wonder. The million questions they ask hourly is proof of that. When you take your child(ren) hiking, you open up a world of learning by discovery for real instead of a textbook. They can see nature up close and personal. You won’t question whether taking the kids hiking is worth it or not. Their wonder will be contagious to you and you’ll end up learning from your child. Teaching each other about exploration within the great outdoors is worth every minute spent together.

Help Other Hikers From Your Experiences

At Naturetrailbackpacks, we advocate adults and children spending time seeing life through the eyes of nature. Whether it’s a trail, mountain, hiking path or deep forest, every single hike is different. We urge you to leave a brief comment on positive or negative experiences when hiking with kids. Opinions may vary, but we accept and appreciate all input, as do our fellow hikers. Happy hiking!


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