Backpacking Packs; What’s So Great About Fall Hiking?

A Blaze Of Color In Nature’s Beauty

Everyone seems to anticipate when the calendar approaches spring and ultimately summer. After being indoors all winter, we anxiously relish being outdoors. But do you find yourself , somewhere around mid August, getting psyched for cooler weather? Do you look forward to the change of season that brings an explosion of colors in nature? Here is why hiking in Fall is such a pleasure and is easier to do in Fall compared to any other season.

Weather Temperatures Make Hiking Treks More Comfortable

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Family Hikes Are The Best

Backpacking packs are used on hiking excursions in all seasons. Do you gravitate towards the outdoors as soon as Spring approaches? That’s because you may have a huge dose of cabin fever. However, even spring has a lot of wet weather and cooler temps than you may be comfortable with. Hiking can be a hot and sweaty endeavor in summer. But there is something about the cooling temps and the crisp Fall air that give us more energy and stimulation. Summer hiking and camping is so much fun, but autumn is meant for leaves crunching under your feet and a different smell to the earth. Even the birds of fall are distinctively different.

Fall seems like the perfect season to trek off on a hiking journey. The days are warm and the nights are cool, but not super cold. Camp fires are great to warm up with when it’s not so hot that you sweat when you sit around them. Your body will feel invigorated when you navigate a hike once the air chills down. Observing Mother Nature gradually prepare for winter, in Fall, you have a window of about 8-10 weeks of glorious changes in landscapes, weather and climates. There’s something magical about your camping tent when it’s dusted with a light frost in the morning.

Landscape Changes During Autumn Backpacking

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Changes In Scenery Are More Evident In Fall

Backpacking packs take us on journeys, sometimes to the same place. If you were to take the very same hike twice, once in spring and again in fall, the landscape visuals would be totally different. In many regions, spring offers a scarce hint of green after a winter of brown. Come fall, the gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges create the colors that make such incredible summit views. Breathtaking vibrant shades of burgundy and purples adorn the foliage from all angles, just waiting to be witnessed by spectators and backpack hikers.

Hiking Trekkers Thank God There Are Less Bugs

Playing outdoors is so much better in the fall. Heat and humidity brings many flies and mosquitoes that are annoying during a hike. Black flies aren’t prevalent in the cooler months. In most areas mosquitoes aren’t bothersome once temps fall below 50 degrees. Snakes become less active during colder weather. They don’t hibernate, but they tend to not travel about. Flies and gnats die outdoors until warmer temperatures in late Spring.

Backpacking packs trekkers, you must be aware, unfortunately, that ticks are everywhere you go during all seasons. The best place for you to avoid them is in higher elevations above 8,000 feet. They don’t like colder temps, so they may less abundant but they can be carried on wild animals by keeping warm in heavy fur.

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Autumn Air Has Less Flying Bugs

Backpacking In Cooler Weather Has Many Pluses

Backpack Hiking Fall Colors

Once summer is over, you’ll find that activities such as beaches, swimming and picnics diminish with cooler air temperatures. The heavy vacation season is over, which makes Fall the most opportune time to hit the trails with your hiking backpack. Summer seems to bring heavy crowds, less space at campsites and a longer waiting lists for hiking permits in certain areas. You will love having more trail space to yourself and being able to get the hiking campsite you like before others beat you to it.

Fall Is My Preference For Hiking Treks

Backpacking packs loaded and ready for a hiking day in Fall bring excitement and anticipation. I may be prejudice because I was born in October, but I have always loved the cooler crisp air during a hiking jaunt. The the palette of colors during Autumn will make you take pause and be filled with Nature’s “zen”. You may find that even the sky seems bluer with less clouds on a glorious day of hiking. Why wouldn’t hikers love using less bug spray, plenty of open air trails and picturesque summits? Each season has it’s own merit, but I think you’ll find fall wins the crown for king of the nature landscapes. Your opinion matters to Nature Trail Backpacks . Please comment below which season you love to hike in the most to help beginner hikers to see different viewpoints. Happy hiking!


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