Daypack Backpack ; 4 Amazing Hacks For Hiking Packs

daypack backpack
Daypack Backpack Couple Enjoying Hand Holding

A daypack backpack is something that is not just for hiking any more. If you haven’t tried hiking yet, or even if you own a hiking bag or two, I’ll bet you didn’t know that things you can do with your hiking backpack. Here are four great hacks for your backpack bag that makes it a very versatile thing to own, even if you don’t hike with it, but you really should try nature hiking.

Fall Is Coming; Use Your Hiking Bag For This…

daypack backpack
Enjoy Hands Free Apple Picking

Your daypack backpack can be used when you go apple picking. Have you ever gotten to the orchard and they hand you some plastic bags and say “Have fun!” So, you load up the bag or even several and discover how heavy they are. When you checkout the apples you picked, you then realize you are charged by the pound. Whoa, those can be very expensive apples! It reminds me of a friend who quoted this to me every time I was frustrated with a situation. He’d say “do ya like fruit? Well how do ya like them apples?” He was being sarcastic but I got the point.

Imagine if you went as a family or with a friend to the orchard and you picked what you wanted and put them in your backpack. They would be just as heavy, but carrying them with your backpack would be so much easier. You could put the plastic bag they give you and line your backpack for easy removal at the checkout for weighing. Your daypack would hold plenty for a family of four so the chances of overbuying a gazillion apples would be limited by the backpack space.

Mom’s And Dad’s Can Have Hands Free During Time With A Toddler

daypack backpack
Easy Way To Carry Child’s Constant Essentials

If you have young children, do you ever find yourself wishing you had more hands and less to carry around? Have you ever tried to juggle an infant carrier, a diaper bag and a toddler’s hand on any outing, a trip to the mall or countless other similar situations? As a parent, you can free up both hands plus save their neck and shoulders by wearing a day backpack, which is small enough to be comfortable yet large enough to hold all of the baby and toddler essentials you have to leave the house with. Diaper bags can be cumbersome, especially with all of the other baby and toddler paraphernalia you have to lug around on an outing.

A daypack backpack carried on your back will keep your hand available to wipe runny noses, carry your baby and pick out groceries. You can then safely hold a child’s hand while crossing the street. Meanwhile, the other parent has access to the backpack to grab a snack, water bottle or a toy when your child is upset. Don’t you think that makes sense? You may wonder why everyone with small kids doesn’t utilize a quality daypack. For best results, you’ll want a durable outdoor backpack that can withstand the weight of countless items you bring just to spend a day away from home.

Day Outings Will Be More Comfortable If You Take A Day Backpack

daypack backpack
Hiking Bags Are Great To Carry Your Belongings

There are endless situations when travelling where a day backpack could be the handiest thing you own. When traveling by air, auto or bus, you can use a backpack instead of a suitcase. If you are taking a trip for the weekend, pack your clothing and toiletries in your backpack. When you check into your hotel, you can unpack these things. Then, you are free to use your hiking bag as a dual purpose means of carrying your day items, Visiting a zoo, the beach, an amusement park or any other tourist attraction is now more comfortable and easier on your body.

You can comfortably pack some drinking water, sunscreen, a light jacket, a swimsuit and towel, a map, and a camera. These items can be carried in your day pack, for example, when you are on vacation or on a day trip. You’ll find that a backpack is definitely more comfortable to carry than a purse or a tote bag. When you choose a neutral color day backpack bag with a main compartment and side pockets, you’ll have room for everything. The best size for a daypack has a capacity between 17-30 liters.  When you have easy access to your belongings, your trip is becomes a hassle free way to go anywhere.

Shopping; A Backpack Bag Just Made Things A Lot Easier

daypack backpack
Shopping Just Got Easier At The Mall

Your daypack backpack can save you from back , neck and shoulder strain with eventual pain. Men and women can wear a stylish day backpack to shop at the mall, wander the streets of a quaint village seeking souvenirs or Christmas shopping. Have you ever lost small articles or confused multiple shopping bags when you ended up with numerous purchases? You can keep everything, even your purse, securely in your backpack without risk of run-by handbag snatchers. You won’t lose your purse or leave it somewhere with dreaded fear that all of your credit cards and cash are lost for good.

The average woman’s filled purse weighs 6.7 lbs. Whether you sling it over one shoulder or across your body, the maximum weight should be 10 percent of your body weight . More to the point is that almost seven pounds carried is weight that is pulling on your shoulder and neck muscles. When you carry 7 lbs on your back, the weight is centered with a lot less strain.

You can use your backpack’s exterior pockets for a credit card used frequently, your cell phone and a water bottle to stay hydrated all day. If you’re struggling with several purchases, all in separate bags, you know what a juggling act it can be. If your significant other or a friend wears the daypack, you can shop and they can carry. Tell me that’s not the perfect scenario.

We’ve Got Your Back; Tell Us Your Hacks


Backpack hikers know the reality of packing many important things into their hiking pack.  Both men and women can benefit from getting extra mileage from their backpacks by using them in everyday situations.  Maybe you haven’t discovered the love of hiking in nature yet, one day you may.  Until then, why not save yourself headaches and body strain by using a quality backpack that is sturdy and meant for outdoors.  It will stand up to the task for sure.  Nature Trail Backpacks and our readers would love to hear something different you use your hiking bag for. Please feel free to comment below to help others with your tips. Happy hiking, shopping, vacationing and parenting.


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