Backpacks For Men – Consistently More Versatile For Both Genders

backpacks for men
Many Backpacks Are Unisex In Design

Backpacks for men are trending bigger than ever now.  You probably noticed Joey’s bag on the show, Friends back in 1999.  We understood the term “man purse” as a result, but actually men have been carrying different types of bags for centuries and now women do also.   Have you ever wondered if you can still look cool carrying a backpack, even when you are not hiking? Here are the benefits of backpacks for work, play and everything in between for both genders.

Labels Don’t Always Fit

backpacks for men
Features Of A Quality Backpack Are Most Important

Our society likes to label everything.  When it comes to a quality backpack that is durable enough to carry everyday essentials in any weather, literally any gender can carry it.  In fact, placing gender labels on backpacks is more about marketing than differences. 

Unless you are exceptionally petite, a hiking backpack or one labeled “for men” can be used by either sex.  You should look at the pack itself and determine if it meets your needs. Very often, clothing is interchangeable between genders because we all have different body shapes and sizes.

Every Body Has Size Differences

Women Can Wear Men’s Backpacks

A backpack labeled specifically for a woman would generally have narrower shoulder straps that are shorter and more contoured for a narrower frame.  However, an average or plus size woman would find those straps uncomfortable and binding and they won’t distribute the pack weight evenly over the body surface of an average female. Youth and women’s backpacks are usually adjustable mainly for small teens or petite women.  Men’s backpacks are also adjustable but will fit a wider range of all adult sizes.

Not Just Backpackers Carry Hiking Packs These Days

backpacks for men
Everywhere You Go, All Ages And Sizes Wear Backpacks

Backpacks for men aren’t only for men, but there is a considerable difference in a hiking backpack and a school book bag or messenger bag.  You will find subtle differences between a backpack, which commonly has two shoulder straps and an over-one-shoulder messenger bag. Their straps make them look completely different.  Both are used to carry things.  The most significant difference is in functionality and size.

Everywhere you go today, you will see people of all ages and sizes wearing a backpack for work, school or hiking.  If you carry one, it’s probably because you have realized that carrying your laptop, your lunch and after work clothing looks tacky in a brown paper bag, right?  Adults carry stuff everywhere they go.

Even seniors have realized the importance of ergonomics when they have sore shoulders from carrying a purse or a briefcase.  So now, we don’t just use our backpacks for hiking, although that is still the number one goal of nature enthusiasts. 

Literally Everyone Has Daily Items To Carry Around

 There is a lot of emphasis on staying hydrated no matter your age.  How clumsy is it to try and balance a couple of water bottles, your morning coffee travel mug and the other essentials you need while working, traveling or playing throughout the day? Orthopedic doctors Nationwide are seeing increases in young people with back issues because they carry too much in a non-ergonomic way. 

Backs, shoulders and hips suffer if you don’t carry your necessities in a small day backpack with the weight evenly distributed.  Some women’s purses carry in excess of 15 lbs with what they hold, either damaging their rotator cuffs and wrists, or pulling on their shoulder and back muscles over time. 

How Do You Currently Carry Your “Stuff?”

Backpacks for men are replacing other carry methods today. If you observe people around you at work, on the commute, walking the hospital halls and even at the mall.  There is  a reason for that. People are learning that a durable quality hiking backpack is the best way to carry things from Point A to Point B, safely, obscurely and is best for your back health.

Hikers, Workers and Every Day Folks Have Backpack Choices

backpacks for men
Backpacks Are Being Used More As Diaper Bags For Comfort

The intelligent choice to carry a backpack means all of your belongings can be carried with you while you walk, allowing you to maintain a good healthy posture.  Parents are discovering less back and shoulder pain by using a backpack for hands-free access. Yes, there are humongous backpacks for week long treks into the wilderness. But for everyday carry (EDC) of your belongings, there are many choices for small or medium size backpacks that will suffice, even if they are called “men’s” backpacks.

The major difference between a inexpensive box store backpack and a hiking backpack is durability. The material is better quality and the stitching and seams are meant to be exposed to changing weather conditions. There’s nothing worse than an unexpected downpour where your pack and everything inside gets completely soaked from a pop up rainstorm. You don’t want the straps of your backpack to break or a seam to come apart and dump the contents of your backpack at the office, campus or bus stop.

Colors And Material Are Completely Your Preference

Backpacks for men do come in leather, but will be pricey and not totally weather worthy.  Fabrics liken nylon and polyester combinations or canvas stand up well to daily use. Neutral colors in black, gray, blue or green are popular with males and females.  Styling can vary from rugged looks to simple clean lines for office workers.

If you focus on durability, there’s no reason why a hiking backpack, designed for quality, won’t last for years through all types of conditions. Cheap backpacks from department stores are meant for things like a few library books, a sack lunch and a sweater.  Adults carry much more than that in weight and volume and therefore require a better made backpack for multiple situations like hiking, camping, carrying tech devices and even concealed carry for certain jobs.

Tactical Backpacks Are Booming In Popularity

backpacks for men
Tactical Backpacks Are Unisex In Design

Backpacks for men and women that are military inspired in design and coloring, have seen an up-surge in popularity.  A tactical backpack is merely one which has multiple pockets and sections for total organization of what you carry.  Many on-and-off duty law enforcement men and women like tactical packs for carrying their firearm. In addition, many concerned citizens find that a tactical pack offers anonymity with a concealed carry pouch. Those sections of backpacks can also be used for water bladders, laptops or tablets just as easily if you don’t carry a firearm.

Backpack Features Make Survival Less Worrisome

backpacks for men
Tactical Bags Keep You Organized

Mother Nature can throw some serious curveballs into your life.  Be ready to survive should a catastrophe or natural disaster find you stranded or homeless.  Bug out backpacks are great as a go-bag when you need to escape for a few days to be safe.  A survival backpack is larger and carries more of the necessities you may need to stay alive until you can return to civilization. 

Backpacks for men or women need to be equally sturdy and hold up to the outdoor elements you may encounter.  Wind, rain, freezing temps; these could all really put the quality of a backpack to the test. You don’t want a cheaply made hiking bag that will start ripping at the seams when you trek through mud and water.

You need the pack’s straps to be well sewn on and the material your backpack is made of to be durable against branch scratching as you traverse all kinds of terrain.  No backpack is 100% waterproof.  Make sure you have an exterior waterproof shell for your pack, or a waterproof interior dry sack for the contents.

Hunting Bags Are Used By Both Genders of Hikers

backpacks for men
Men And Women Use Hunting Backpacks

Many backpacks for men used during hunting are equally as useful to women also.  More women are taking up this sport than ever before. Again, unless you are super petite, women and men have the same needs for similar carry items during a hunt. Choose a men’s or unisex backpack that doesn’t skimp on the load-bearing components that quality hiking packs provide.

A tactical or hunting backpack is ideal to have the necessary compartments for organization, so that you can readily grab items in a moment’s notice.  Examples such as a pistol, ammunition, water bottle, binoculars and first aid items are necessities you may need quick access to throughout the hunt.

Men’s Backpacks Are Perfect Hike Packs For Everyday Use

backpacks for men
Backpacks Are Not Just For Hiking Anymore

Marketing can be tricky. If you are informed, you can make wiser choices.  Find the backpack that fits and works best for your situation.  Never mind the label, you can consider any backpack is right for you regardless of gender.  The folks at NatureTrailBackpacks understand our world today and that there are many situations where a quality backpack can work for everyone.  Feel free to comment below if you have a different use for a hiking backpack. We wish everyone happy hiking and a comfortable carry for whatever you use the backpack for.


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