Best Backpacks; U.S.Leaf Peeping Up Close And Personal

Gorgeous Colors of Autumn

Best backpacks are not the ones we take our school supplies in, but rather the ones that lead us on a journey.  When the calendar reaches the end of August and the children are headed back to school, we start thinking fall.  Do you love the changing leaf colors?  Do you love the crisp autumn air?  Let’s take a look at the ways you can enjoy the fall foliage whether hiking or riding right through the middle of it.

Hikers and Vacationers Have Many Options

Why Not Take A Northern Rail Trip?

There are several options, such as Northern Rail trips throughout the beautiful Adirondacks. Actually you can see breathtaking colors in nature throughout the entire New England area. Each state has its own individual way to celebrate foliage, harvest and the change of season.  You can explore weekend getaways in rustic cabins for stunning views of Maine, New Hampshire and New York. The ideal trip for you might consist of a secluded wooded cabin by night and day hiking with a day backpack within the area to take in all the splendor of colors.

Fall wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a cider mill or apple orchard during your leaf peeping trips.  Michigan has numerous cider mills to check out by going to  New York and several other states also have orchards and cider mills to visit. You can make your trip complete with warm cider donuts fresh from the fryers.

Hiking Gets You Closer To The Magic Of Fall

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Grab A Day Hiking Backpack And Explore The Foliage

Best backpacks for day hiking jaunts are in the 17-35 liter range for size.  Fall is the perfect time to hike because the weather is cooler and bugs are fewer.  What better way to witness the reds, oranges and yellows of the leaves transforming right before your eyes.  Autumn adventures include hiking trails throughout New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.  Even after peak leaf season, fall backpack hikes are an incredible chance to see the beauty of the outdoors. 

Hike Trail Areas For Gorgeous Autumn Treks

  • Sleeping Giant Tower Trail.  This trail in Hamden, Connecticut is a 1.6 mile one-way hike stone path to the summit at Mt. Carmel.  This trail is part of Sleeping Giant State Park and has a tower offering gorgeous views of Long Island Sound and New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Rattlesnake Mountain in Raymond Maine is a 2.4 mile out and back hike which is perfect for a day hike. You’ll be able to observe all of the colors of in September and October. You can visit the city of Portland for lunch or some hot cider after your excursion up the mountain, making this the perfect outdoor leaf peeping trek.
  • Sterling Pond Trail near Jefferson, Vermont is a 2.5 mile round trip hike. Enjoy the great colored foliage along with Sterling Pond which is very serene during autumn.  This hike has a few steep and rocky challenges for hikers to navigate, but is well worth the trip.
  • Best backpacks can be seen on hikers trekking the Rome Point Trail in Saunderstown, Rhode Island.  This trail is great for walkers of all skill levels and is less crowded in fall.  The incredible scenery changes constantly on this hike ending with views of the bay and seals to observe.
  • Hikers can absolutely enjoy views of the southern Berkshires at the summit of the Monument Mountain Trail in Barrington, Massachusetts. You’ll encounter a few steep scramble areas in this 2.5 mile round trip hike.

Road Trips, Camping And Hiking In Autumn

Route 385 In South Dakota

Best backpacks can be taken on any road trip or camping trip and used to venture deep into the Black Hills National Forest along Route 385 in scenic South Dakota.  This is possibly the longest road through the forest, running 59 miles between Custer and Deadwood.  Amidst gorgeous Ponderosa pines, you’ll encounter splashes of color from deciduous trees peeking through. Sheridan and Pactola Lakes add vast stretches of deep blue in between, making for a beautiful color palette of scenery. You can stop and camp, hike or fish to observe nature closer than the car window.  If you prefer, a road trip drive can take it all in without stopping. You could have lunch along the way and take time to try your luck and gamble at the Mineral Palace in historic Deadwood.

Our Southern States Put On A Fabulous Show

Georgia Is Georg-Ous!

Parts of the South, such as the Blue Ridge Trail in Georgia will surprise you for foliage that you think is only in the Northeast. The Blue Ridge Mountains give way to gorgeous fall scenery and a fabulous Oktoberfest celebration in Helen, Georgia.  This state also has the Tallulah Gorge State Park where you can explore the 1000 foot chasm carved by the Tallulah River over millions of years.  You can camp in a cabin, go “glamping” or set up your own tent in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Add a day backpack hike to your trip for observing nature better.

Backpack Hikes In The Northeast Reign Supreme

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The Adirondacks Offers Awesome Fall Hiking

Best backpacks come in handy along the historic Route 6 in northern Pennsylvania. You can take a “road trip” through the 76 mile Elk County Loop that crosses through the Pennsylvania Wilds and see large herds of elk. While you are there, why not experience hiking and stop at the Worlds End State Park for camping or stay in a cabin on the Loyalsock Trail where you can revel in beautiful views of forests in vibrant color

If you head towards Boston MA, you can walk or hike the Freedom Trail. This hike takes you through 16 historical sites, all while enjoying the explosion of colorful leaves.  There is also a Museum of the American Revolution that just opened in 2017.

Discover Other U.S. Destinations For Fall Foliage

Taos, New Mexico With Fall Brilliance

For best backpacks excursions, why not try other areas that burst with color in the U.S.?  One such place is the Ozark National Park in Arkansas which has over 1.2 million acres of dazzling scenery within its mountains and parks.  You can also hike to beautiful natural springs and rivers here. If you love waterfalls, imagine them encased in the brilliance of fall’s artistry. You can witness over 50 waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. 

The southwestern panorama of Taos, New Mexico is a sight to behold in autumn. Most worthy of mention is The Enchanted Circle which is an 83 mile drive that connects several New Mexico towns with Mother Nature’s vivid colors.

Where Do You Hike During Autumn For Colorful Views?

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Hiking For Colorful Views

Whether you hike, walk, stay in a hotel or cabin, you’ll be glad you treated yourself to the splendor of this changing season in many states in the U.S.  Nature will never cease to amaze you.  Experience it head on with a week-long hike, or take a rail trip or road trip throughout the gorgeous areas of our country that put on this incredible annual show for mankind. Nature Trail Backpacks would love to read and share your comments of the best leaf peeping areas you like to visit every year. We hope you will get outdoors and enjoy it up close and personal.


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