Nature Trail Backpacks | 10 Great Hiking Blogs And Twitter Posters

Nature Trail Backpacks gathered ten impressive and informative blogger sites and Twitter posters pertaining to hiking and the great outdoors. We simplified a list for hikers interested in learning about hiking adventures, information and tips from experienced trekkers who love being outside in nature. Here is the list of our favorites that we enjoyed and we think you will find interesting and informative.

nature trail backpacks
Backpack Hiking During A Sunset

Nature Trail Backpacks owners enjoy helping hikers learn how to enjoy the magnificence of nature while walking. There are many levels of hiking so you don’t have to be a die- hard thru-hiker to enjoy the sport. All you need is a backpack to carry your daily essentials and a few hours to walk at your own pace. Here is plenty of useful information for inexperienced as well as seasoned hikers who blog their experience in all kinds of hiking situations.

Here is a list of the ten online bloggers, in addition to our own blog, at naturetrailbackpacks/ These hikers and nature lovers have plenty to say about hiking and camping with a backpack. You’ll find their information helpful so that you too can achieve a successful hike right from the first step.

Backpack Hiking Bloggers With Great Information

nature trail backpacks
Hikers Have The Best Stories To Tell

Outdoor Veteran Hiker

Hike It Baby

The Hiking Life

Hiking For Her

Hike 734

  • This blogger tells of hiking in Glacier National Park and other national parks. Hikers will benefit from his information specific to the places he has hiked. Great reading.

Easy Hiker

Girl On A Hike

The Helpful Hiker

Mountains With Megan

  • Megan is an Appalachian Trail Girl. She’s hiked in many places around the world. As a thru-hiker, she discusses trail life and its challenges. Great blog!

Appalachian Thru Hiker

  • Kevin is a highly experienced hiker on the Appalachian Trail. He discusses gear needed, technical details and his love of hiking the AT. You’ll enjoy the great info and situations to help you decide if hiking is for you.

Ten Great Hiking And Nature Twitter Posts Worth Following

  • Trails _@Unblazed   Stories and useful tips for day hikes. Great reads!
  • Pure Adirondacks @PureADK  A community, lifestyle brand and digital resource for outdoor recreation in the Adirondack Park.
  • Camp Stuffs @ campstuffs Avid outdoor enthusiast into hiking, camping and nature.
  • One Sun Chaser@onesunchasers  Great guides for hiking and camping
  • Craig and Kathy@nomadhikers Hiking guide authors sharing insights from their hiking experiences.
  • The Thankful Outdoorsman@ bushcamp2  Outdoor enthusiast living off and loving the Earth. Wonderful foodie tweeter.
  • Through The Trees @JourneyTTTrees  Hiking and nature adventurers who love science and the environment.
  • Kathy Pang@PangPangKat Loves to trail blaze, explore, hike and run.
  • Lauren The Helpful Hiker@TheHelpfulHiker Outdoor blogger with ideas and inspiration for anyone who loves the great outdoors. 
  • Northern Tails@NorthernTails1  Passionate about his golden retriever and hiking through the woods.

Nature Trail Backpacks founders, Jeanine and Sal Falco, are the owners of this hiking backpack online store. Their love of the Adirondack Mountains is because they were raised in upstate New York. Are you a four-season outdoor worshiper also?  You will enjoy the passion they invoke in telling of their own experiences.

They want to inspire you because they love the outdoors. That’s the reason they now offer an online company for those who crave the thrills of hiking and camping with a backpack. It is their hope to encourage others to seek the outdoors for serenity and exercise for better health because we all live in a stressful world.

Outdoor Adventures Are Available To Anyone

nature trail backpacks
Beautiful Hurricane Mountain In The Adirondacks

If you can walk, you can hike, because hiking is simply exploring nature in its purest essence on foot. Folks of all ages and physical shape may want to consider short hikes to begin a lifetime of longer nature hikes. Once you’ve hiked and have witnessed some pretty incredible views, you’ll be hooked. When you check out some of these hiker’s blogs, you may have questions answered that you’ve wondered about. You may even alleviate a fear or two that’s been keeping you from trying your first hike.

Family Time In Hiking Is Invaluable

nature trail backpacks
Family Hiking Is A Special Time Together

Nature Trail Backpacks offer durable and quality hiking bags so that everyone can feel the exhilaration of nature experiences. Adults and kids will thrive in a experience of pure exploration. Children will enjoy the parental time of learning and growing as a family. Then, one day they may introduce their own kids to hiking because they loved it so much. Chances are you will love the outdoors with zest because your kids’ excitement will be contagious.

Have you enjoyed great hiking experiences , either solo or with your family or friends? If so, your positive thoughts help inexperienced hikers feel more comfortable. Please share some inspiration for our readers in a comment below. Happy hiking from Nature Trail Backpacks.


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