Concealed Carry Backpack; 4 Ways It Could Save Your Life On A Hike

concealed carry backpack
A Concealed Carry Backpack Hiker

A concealed carry backpack allows you to carry a firearm within your hiking bag in it’s own secure pocket. Not everyone feels comfortable with carrying a gun when they hike, but experienced hikers can vouch for the fact that it could, at some point on your trek, save your life. First, you need to be licensed to carry a firearm, so that would be a mandatory step before carrying during your hiking trip. Here are four ways that having a gun in your backpack might literally save your life.

Who Would Wear A Concealed Carry Hiking Backpack?

concealed carry backpack
You Can Carry Your Gun Discreetly In This CCW Backpack

A concealed carry backpack is often called a CCW (concealed carry weapon) backpack. Very often, tactical and covert mission employees use this type of backpack. However, more often these days, average citizens are carrying backpacks of this style as an EDC (every day carry) backpack. Hikers, in particular are trending toward CCW backpacks when they hit the trail. Even during your leisurely hike, you’d feel safer because you’d be prepared. Whether it’s in the wild or if a dangerous individual or animal presents a threat to your safety, you’ll be ready to protect yourself.

Hunters are also choosing CCW backpacks for the convenience of having their weapon close at hand. Depending on what you are hunting for, sometimes a rifle is not needed and a pistol is more appropriate for the hunt. In a CCW bag, you can easily fit your gun into its own protected pocket of your backpack.

I’m Hiking For Relaxation; Why Carry A Gun?

Even if you are heading out for a leisurely day hike, depending on where you hike, there will most likely be wildlife in abundance. Chances are, on a public hiking trail which is frequented by local hikers, you may see a rabbit or deer in the distance. In that case, you wouldn’t feel the need to carry a firearm, or would you? Let’s examine some reasons why you might find yourself in a situation where a gun might be used out of the blue.

Backpack Hikers; Your Safety Is Sometimes Compromised

Do you feel we live in a different world now as compared to even two decades ago?Citizens now feel the need to protect themselves and innocent others like never before. It only makes sense that some folks would rather be safe than sorry, and therefore choose to carry firearm protection. Using it responsibly, meaning only in life threatening circumstances, is imperative so you can avoid accidents. It’s your personal choices that backpack manufacturers have come to recognize in styling their hiking packs in recent years.

Backpackers Will Be Amidst Wildlife In Nature

Wildlife Is Beautiful To Observe From A Distance

What type of hike you are going on? This definitely comes into play when you consider many aspects of your hike. How much time will you be hiking and what area of the wilderness will you be in? If you are backpacking or thru-hiking, your trip may be for days or weeks on an expedition. It’s most likely you will encounter wildlife on your journey. Rattlesnakes, grizzly bears and other aggressive animals can pose a dangerous threat to you. Hikers feel safer when carrying a fire arm to protect them from harm that could be fatal.

Why Do Hikers Need A Special Kind Of Backpack for CCW?

A concealed carry backpack is a hiking pack with a specifically designated pocket to store your firearm. You wouldn’t want to just toss a pistol into your backpack loosely. You wouldn’t want to worry about having your gun fall out of your backpack on the trail and possibly losing it. Your pack endures lots of bumps and jolts on rough terrain as you navigate the trail. This fact could cause your gun to discharge and possibly injure you.

For every day carry, you may not want to have your pistol exposed by wearing it openly. CCW backpacks have special pockets designed to safely carry a firearm. It also conceals your firearm from others within your backpack. You may prefer to use the CCW pocket to carry a 15″ laptop. You may not want to carry a laptop and prefer not to carry a firearm. Your CCW pocket can store anything in this area safely.

Red Rock Gear Makes A Great Hiking Backpack Sling That Is CCW

concealed carry backpack
The Red Rock Gear CCW Sling Backpack

This concealed carry backpack is ideal for you to carry your firearm, extra magazines, medical gear or other emergency items. Whether you’re hiking, doing your job or any mission you choose, you’ll want a pack that carries whatever you need most. This backpack provides you with increased ability to carry mission essential items. You can also enjoy the ease of concealment. This is especially important for times when you don’t want to advertise that you are carrying a piece.

This hiking pack allows for quick access to your gun when needed quickly, like when you accidentally spook a rattlesnake. You may not have time to run away, in which case, quick action is necessary to avoid being fatally bitten. The beauty of a CCW bag is that when you carry it, you aren’t making it obvious that it contains a weapon. This is is exactly what you want in a CCW backpack; to not draw attention to what you are trying to conceal. When you have rapid accessibility to your firearm, during unexpected circumstances, you’ll feel safer in the wilderness.

Can A Day Hiker Use A Small Back Pack As His CCW Hike Bag?

concealed carry backpack

You could easily use a day hiking pack as a concealed carry bag. It’s purely a matter of your preference. You can use a small daypack, as long as it has an easy entry pocket that is deep enough to stabilize your firearm. You’ll want to make sure you don’t need that area to carry your hiking essentials, like food and water.

In some cases, you can modify your concealed carry backpack to customize it specifically for your needs. Ask yourself if it’s more important to carry something else in place of a firearm for altercations with threatening individuals. Are you OK with other means of warding off a wild animal about to attack? What makes you most comfortable in your particular hiking area?

Trekkers Prefer CCW Hiking Bags For Man Reasons

concealed carry backpack
Backpack Hiking Is Calming If You’re Prepared

If a concealed carry backpack is something you would carry on your hiking trips, it’s great to have the convenience of an area specifically for your gun. If you’re a ranger, backcountry hiker or a concerned citizen, this type of backpack would work. However, just because a hiking pack is labeled as a CCW bag doesn’t mean you have to carry a firearm. Literally anything that fits in the “pocket” designated for a pistol, is fair game to carry. You can customize this kind of backpack to carry any essentials that matter most to you. You can utilize this readily accessible area by packing your most frequently used item(s) in the CCW pocket for quick retrieval while hiking.

Nature Trail Backpacks believes you should load your backpack your own way. As long as you balance the load weight, you’ll have a comfortable hike. If you have questions, please tell us in the comment section below. We aim to help you make the right choice for a hiking bag so that you can always enjoy happy hiking!


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