Hiking Bag | 5 Body Benefits From Backpack Hiking

hiking bag
Couch Potatoes Aren’t Cool

Hiking bag trail hikes will do your body ten times more good than lying around on the couch playing video games. Regardless of your age, a body in motion stays in motion. If you aren’t the person who wants to get up at 5 a.m. to hit the gym before work, why not consider being the person who enjoys nature and realizes that hiking is not a tedious exercise. If you need more convincing, here are five ways your body benefits from just a 90 minute day hike three times per week which will make you healthier without boredom.

Hiking ; Your Heart Will Get A Cardio Workout

hiking bag
Hiking Is Merely Walking With A Backpack

Hiking bag trips, whether short or long, will do great things for your heart. Treadmills are a big yawn fest, but hiking on a nature trail is so much more adventurous and rewarding. Often, people freak out when they have to do cardio exercise. It’s designed to speed up your heart rate and improve blood flow. Can you imagine how your car would perform if you only drove it once a week at 30 MPH? Your heart is an engine also, it needs to be used and it needs to pushed a bit to increase your heart rate.

We’re not talking about uphill climbs for hours that leave you breathless. Even a short hike on a regular basis 3-5 times per week will produce cardiac benefits. It can even reduce your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and help to prevent type II diabetes. If you use trekking poles while hiking, digging into the ground and propelling yourself forward will help produce better cardio results because it pushes your upper body muscles to work harder.

Bones, Muscles And Joints Gain Strength From Backpack Treks

hiking bag
Hiking Strengthens Bones, Joints and Muscles

Women and men older than age 20 can help prevent bone loss with regular hiking.  It helps maintain muscle strength, coordination, and balance.  Like muscle, bone is living tissue that responds to movement by becoming stronger. If you start hiking as exercise as a young adult, you’ll  achieve greater peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength) than those who do not. Your bone mass typically peaks during your thirties. After that time, you can begin to lose bone strength. Weight bearing exercise, such as hiking with a backpack is ideal. Your backpack is your means of carrying essentials such as food, water, sunscreen, a jacket and a few first aid items. Just a few pounds will force you to work against gravity. It adds strength to your bones and can increase bone mass to prevent osteoporosis.

A hiking bag jaunt will also help your joints and muscles. Even a short hike a few times per week will compress and release the cartilage in your knees and will help your circulation of synovial fluid. This brings oxygen and nourishment to your joints and removes inflammatory waste products. Preventing arthritis can be achieved with hiking, but even people with arthritis can realize great benefit from hiking. Any weight loss achieved from hiking takes stress off hip and knee joints. If you choose to hike mild uphill climbs, you’ll strengthen your quads and the muscles that stabilize your knees, protecting them from injury.

Trekking Will Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Say No To Dieting And Hike Instead

A 175-pound person who hikes for two hours can burn 1,100 calories, provided the terrain is hilly. A 200-pound adult will burn around 546 calories while hiking for an hour.  How long would you have to run on the treadmill or starve yourself to burn those calories? Obviously, eating junk food is never conducive to weight loss. But having plenty of water and sensible snacks on the trail, such as granola bars, fresh fruit or low calorie popcorn, will keep you full and satisfied during your hike. You will burn more calories than you take in, hence you should notice a weight loss if this is done on a regular basis. Hiking helps reduce belly fat as well as fat from other areas. It is a great fat burning form of exercise that doesn’t feel monotonous. Chances are, you’ll end up hiking because you love it, not just to lose weight.

Backpack Hiking Will Improve Your Mental Health

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Take Time For Yourself And Hike For Peace

Hiking in nature is good for the body, mind, and soul. Numerous studies prove there are multiple health benefits to hiking in nature. People who are afflicted with eating disorders, PSD, depression and anxiety have found relief in nature hikes. Walking in a natural environment reduces neural activity in the brain, which contributes to mental illness. It’s been found that urbanization has a direct link to depression, according to many studies. Those same subjects spent time outdoors where there were fewer mental stressors, less noise stimuli and fewer distractions. The results proved that brain activity associated with the views, smells and attractions of nature led to a more relaxed and calmer state of mind.

Hiking bag experiences in the great outdoors is powerful therapy when you consider the potential for meditation in a stress-free atmosphere. During a hiking backpack trip, you can make all the choices, such as how far to go, how fast you walk, what you look at and when you stop for a break. Overlooking a breathtaking landscape can give you pause and stop the commotion that normally exists in your mind. Our busy lives make us captive to electronics, work, kids and schedules, all leading to stress and frustration to be the best parent, spouse, housekeeper, cook, and leader. There’s no better gift you can give yourself than outdoor time on a nature hike to re-charge your battery and let your mind stop trying to figure everything out. It has also been found that children with ADHD have a positive experience when taken backpack hiking per this study; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448497/

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Kids Will Enjoy Backpack Hiking

Hiking Can Be A Mood-Lifting Social Time

A hiking bag solo trip can be an incredible experience for a spiritual and revitalizing experience. However, many hikers look forward to sharing the natural excursion with friends, family or a significant other. Hiking and camping in a beautiful setting can truly be romantic. Getting friends together or joining groups that hike can lead to great socializing with other backpacking enthusiasts. It could mean the difference between a weekend home alone and bored, or a fun experience in the mountains, forest or local hiking trail. You can find groups in your area simply by an internet research of hiking groups in your town or state.

Hikers Are Outdoor Lovers Who Thrive In Nature

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Hiking With Friends Is Loads Of Fun

Hiking and relishing the outdoors makes all the difference.  Save the gym for rainy days and sub zero weather. Fellow hikers would love to hear about your experiences with health benefits since learning to hike.  Help someone else by commenting below about your successes and viewpoints on hiking for health.  The staff at Nature Trail Backpacks will answer any questions you have and we welcome you to take a peek at our inventory of hiking backpacks to help you get started and choose the right one for your needs. Happy hiking for your health!


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