Black Backpack – For Hiking; Is It A No Or A Go?

black backpack
Black Backpacks Show Less Dirt Making Them Great For Hiking

A black backpack is a sharp looking pack, there’s no doubt.  Some hikers gravitate towards bright colors and often, personalities come into play when deciding what color hiking backpack to choose.  Can you go wrong with color choice?  Are you wondering if there are benefits or deterrents to certain colors?  Let’s clear up the confusion with some facts about colors in the wild.

How And Where Will You Be Using Your Hiking Backpack?

There are some differences regarding use of a hiking style backpack. Where will you be using it?  Some folks carry the same pack to work, on a hike and for travel.  Where and how you are using your backpack will help dictate the color choice in a few scenarios. Does your personality come into play?  Do you think of black as old and boring? Black can be classic, stately and strong, which may be your image. Then I say, go for it!

Hiking With A Black Backpack

There Are Pro’s And Con’s To Choosing A Black Hike Pack

Black backpack users that hike have found that the surface of the hiking bag gets hotter but that it doesn’t transmit too deeply into the contents during average temperatures of 60-85 degrees.  Above 85 degrees, unless you have perishable items inside your bag or chocolate candy, black is not advisable.  It’s much easier to change your cargo when weather conditions are super hot in summer, like leave the chocolate and perishables home.  When hiking, you may like the black color because it dries out faster when wet from rain or morning dew once you’re in the sun.

During hot weather hikes, some hikers “insulate” easy melt items by wrapping them in plastic and covering them with clothing. This is a tip for using a backpack in black in color when you are carrying items that need to be a few degrees cooler.  An added benefit is that it doesn’t show the dirt as readily as a light tan or green.  Some hikers just don’t like to “stand out” with bold colors when they use the same hiking bag for other purposes.

Hiker’s Who Enjoy Black Hiking Bags Deal With The “Con’s”

A negative, which needs to be mentioned, is that black may attract flies and mosquitoes.  Many backpack hikers don’t let this fact dictate the non-use of black hiking bags because they use repellent anyway.  There’s another option if you love a black hiking pack and you’ll be hiking in black fly or heavily populated mosquito areas.  Get yourself a removable rainproof pack cover, such as tan or khaki, because those colors repel these insects better. A waterproof cover is a useful thing anyway, so you wouldn’t be wasting money on it.

Another drawback you may think about, is that using a black hiking bag, when the interior is also black, you may have difficulty getting to your essentials.  It could seem like it disappears into a dark hole if the item is also dark in color.  However, this is easily fixed with an inner bag liner of a bright color, so it isn’t really a drawback at all if you like a black backpack.

Bears Are Attracted To Yellow

Interestingly, in the wilderness, grizzly bears can differentiate between colors.  Bears tend to be more attracted to yellows and blues, compared to tan or camo colors.  The last thing you want is to draw bears to your campsite for reasons other than you left food out. You may also want to re-think your tent color because of this fact.

Hiking Backpacks Used For Traveling

black backpack
Travelers Prefer Black Backpacks

A black backpack is the perfect choice for travelling, especially when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself using a flashy colored backpack. An innocuous gray or black is preferred.

Travelers like the fact that they blend into crowds better with a black hiking bag. You’ll love that it doesn’t show soiling like a yellow or blue backpack would. If you are concerned that air travel baggage carousels would make finding your backpack a nightmare among all the black luggage and bags, get a few elastic bands or ribbons in bright colors and attach to the zipper.  Once you arrive and get your backpack safely, you can remove them until you fly again.

A word of caution worth mentioning is whenever you are standing in line or on a train or subway, take your backpack off and turn it to your front.  Hold the strap like a sling bag when standing in lines for food, entry or crowds.  Precision thieves can cut into your backpack, and steal your wallet or credit card within seconds while you don’t even feel anything happening behind you.

Explore The Earth With Neutral Colors

A Black Backpack Is Popular For Hiking

It is important to choose hiking, backpacking, and camping gear and clothing that are natural earth tone colors like green, brown, tan, or black.   The purpose of this article is not to dictate what color backpack is the very best. That still remains your choice, of course.  At Nature Trail Backpacks we like to advise and inform so that your hiking, camping and travel experiences are the best they can be.

We sell backpacks in all colors, so why not check us out and pick the bag best suited for you. Feel free to comment below, all tips and hacks are appreciated by our hiker audience of all levels.  Happy hiking and traveling!


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