Hiking Pack – The Perfect Blend Of Size And Comfort

hiking pack
The Right Hiking Pack For The Trek Is Vital

Extra Hiking Pack Room Is Great

A hiking pack should be comfy and just the right size for your trip.  The perfect hiking and camping backpack is a great find.  The website, Nature Trail Backpacks, immediately takes you to the trail because the folks there love exploring Nature through hiking like you do. The site is easy to navigate, has a good variety of packs and the prices are in line with competitors. This particular backpack may grab your interest.

hiking pack

Great Backpack Bag Features Are A Plus

The hiking pack, Maxpedition Condor II, will catch your eye. It’s less than 3 lbs (empty) at 47.8 oz. which makes this pack lightweight enough to not worry about your added cargo weight. It has all the updated features you’d look for in an outdoor backpack, plus a few extras.

The Condor II has a massive over 1350 cubic inch capacity making ample room for all your essentials and gear.  There is space included so you can add a 3 liter hydration reservoir to keep you hydrated on your hiking trek.

Hiking Backpack Exterior Webbing

hiking pack
PALS Webbing Creates A Means Of Carrying Extra Gear

What Is Backpack Bag PALS?

If you like to add attachments and gear on the exterior of your hiking bag, the Condor II has more PALS webbing than many available hike bags. If you don’t know what PALS stands for, it’s Pouch Attachment Ladder System.  You can easily connect Molle organization pouches and odd sized gear to this webbing, creating means to custom organize your hiking gear. 

Backpack Comfort Is Key During Your Hike

The ergonomic padded shoulder harness and removable waist belt are pluses that will add to your hiking comfort. During your trek, you’ll find that comfort is key to a successful hike. The best feature of this pack is the great sternum support and waist strap that evenly distributes your backpack weight.

I Don’t Want To Take It Off

I think we can all agree that it’s annoying to have to remove your backpack, set it down and open it just to get a bottle of water. This pack has a hydration sleeve to add a water bladder and port for your drink tubing, which means you have easier access to your water while trekking.

Never Underestimate The Need For Water Consumption

If you’ve ever procrastinated about drinking your water because getting to it was a hassle, you know what I’m talking about. This way, you don’t have to worry about staying properly hydrated while moving through your trek.

Shhhhhh, Hiking In Progress

This hiking pack, the Max Condor, is equipped with quiet-closing buckles and premium YKK zippers. You know how sounds resonate and are amplified in the quiet of Nature.  If you’re trying to be obscure in the wild, these features will allow you to remain silent when it’s necessary. In addition, the high-stress areas of this bag are reinforced with special bar-tack stitches to ensure you long-lasting durability.  You wouldn’t want to deal with ripped seams or broken zippers on your excursion, believe me!

Hiking Pack Loading Abilities

Some hike bags are a drag! The Condor II is designed to never drag you down.  You’ll have so many added options and load-bearing capabilities with this pack. You can even expand it greatly by use of Maxpedition’s TacTie Attachment Straps.  You’ll be able to interact with a variety of external pouches, pockets, and accessories. 

You can haul your load and be comfortable while you’re trekking, because you  add what you want. The design of this pack had you in mind, the hiker carrying it. The quality construction will provide years of performance on the trails.

hiking pack

Hiking Backpack –It’s Uses Are Endless

Hikers use the Condor II for everything from a CCW carry bag to a hiking bag for boating.  Do you find yourself using your backpack for multiple purposes?  You can adapt this one to be used for hunting, fishing, survival equipment or for camping on overnight hikes. Go ahead and use it for your pillow, throw it in the back of your truck for on-the-job needs. This is a durable one, it can take it! 

“You get what you pay for” is a very true statement.  Quality makes this pack tough and versatile so you never have to worry about it holding up to extreme elements.

Hiking Pack Information And Tips

If this one isn’t quite the hiking bag you had in mind, the folks at Nature Trail Backpacks are always willing to answer questions and comments below. You can also comment on the site.  They will assist you in finding the pack that fits your individual needs on the trail. You want to be confident in your purchase, right? They give great customer service, tips, and advice on all things hiking and camping in the wild.  Happy hiking!


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