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trekking backpack
Explore and Conquer Your Favorite Hiking Spot

A trekking backpack hike to any of these particular destinations is bound to interest and excite backpack hikers.  Even day pack hikers will enjoy some of these locations, which is the beauty of hiking.  You can go as easy or as challenging as you want to and enjoy yourself in nature.  Hikers of all levels, why not consider these great trails this summer?

Hiking Bag Trip To Mount Katahdin, Maine 

The legendary Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia at Springer Mountain.  It crosses 14 states ending in Mount Katahdin in Maine. Those who have thu-hiked the entire trail have many exciting stories they could tell.  Depending on your location, your journey may start in Maine and end in Georgia. The approximate hike time for reaching Mount Katahdin is 8-12 hours.  

This trekking backpack trail is rather steep and presents physical challenges.  Before attempting this one, make sure you’re at an optimum fitness level.  But, as any accomplished hiker will tell you about any difficult climb, it’s worth every step when you reach the top.  Even Miley Cyrus understood with her lyrics “Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side; It’s the climb.”  The ascent along the way gives you incredible views in all directions from Mount Katahdin, Maine’s tallest mountain.

Take a look and see if you would fall in love with this place to hike.

Backpack Hiking in Cracker Lake, Montana

The breathtaking scenery is beyond incredible.  Take a look at this hiker have a grand time in this beautiful national park area.

You could do this in an intensified day hike, but it would be more enjoyable as an overnight camping experience. Camping at the head of the basin is superb with better than average campgrounds. You won’t want to leave once you get there after observing the glorious landscape. Even in summer, because of its northern location, you’ll need warm clothing overnight due to dropping temps.  On a clear summer day, the panoramic views will knock your socks off. 

Glacier Lake has pristine turquoise, almost Caribbean-like crystal clear water. If you’re all sweaty from your hike, what better way to cool off? Drop that hiking bag and jump in! Into late summer, snow can still be seen on mountain tops. You can witness cascading waterfalls from the high cliffs

Always Stay Well Hydrated During Your Hikes

Mount Adams , New Hampshire – Great Hiking Here

This trekking backpack excursion is one of the best hikes in the country in the medium-difficult category range because there is such glorious scenery. It consists of 11.2 miles so an overnight would make it a more comfortable hike. The most preferable season is between May and September because weather is more predictable then. Summer offers endless scenes of colorful wildflowers.  Snow remains on the summit year round, so there is some interest in skiing down to the end of the snowline during winter months. This backpack trek is best accomplished in good weather. It’s a popular hike due to the accessibility and ease of the trail itself.

Experienced hikers in great physical condition will enjoy this hike. It should be emphasized that if you expect to conquer it in one day, you must leave before dawn.  You’ll be rewarded with magnificent sunrise views over the tree lines.  You should plan on hiking this trail the entire day because you need to take your time. That being said, it’s imperative that you bring adequate amounts of food, snacks and water. To simply state that this route is beautiful would be an understated fact.

Here’s an interesting video of hikers climbing Mount Adams.

Grab A Trekking Backpack & Head To Long’s Peak

Long’s Peak via the Keyhole Route is one of Colorado’s most impressive 14,000-foot peaks. This hike, within the Rocky Mountain National Park, is difficult but highly rewarding. Long’s Peak towers above all other summits in this area. The mountain has unique profiles from every view point and angle of its 15 mile round trip. The descent can be tricky and should only be attempted with previous experience. Don’t let your ego dictate your good judgment.

The Keyhole Route For Hikers

The Keyhole Route of Long’s Peak climbs more than 5,000 feet. Half the people who attempt Long’s peak do not make it to the summit. To give yourself the best probability of making it to the summit, make an early start and be practical about your limitations. This trek is more of a climb than a hike. You will be boulder jumping and exposed to fallen rock, dramatic climate changes and narrow ledges.  Great skill and judgment are paramount in attempting this trip. Higher elevations may affect your body as with any elevated climb. Stay well hydrated and nourished with several snacks and meals, accompanied by rest periods throughout the hike.

This is an extraordinary climbing experience, but make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations of your body. Be smart by being willing to turn around at any time. 

Here’s a video to help make your decision to try it or not.

Outdoor Hikers Love The Narrows, Utah

If your trekking backpack travels lead you to Utah, you have to check out The Narrows, which are part of the Zion National Park.  Claiming to be one of the best USA hikes, this trek is the best slot canyon hike in the world.  Where else can you witness 18 million years of eroded rock walls.

This incredible day hike may possibly be the best hike of your life.  It is recommended that you hike from the bottom up via a park shuttle service that will take you to the bottom.  Hiking is done largely in the river because, for a third of the route, the river runs canyon wall to canyon wall. Changing seasons mean fickle weather changes that you should be prepared for with warm clothing and provisions for staying overnight if situations arise that lengthen your trip plans.

Here’s a glimpse at what The Narrows has to offer hikers:

The Narrows refers to two hikes, both the 3.6 miles (5.8 km) bottom-up hike from the Temple of SinawavatoBig Springs, as well as the 16 miles (26 km) top-down

Trekking backpack hikers should be aware of spontaneous water level changes that occur from season to season. You can expect to be wading in sometimes waist-deep water, probably swimming for a few short sections. Beware of flash flood warnings that are prevalent in canyon areas.  If rain is predicted, don’t go at that time because it could be unsafe. Stick to good weather reports when planning your hike in The Narrows.

trekking backpack
Taking A Break During A Fabulous Hike

Trekking Backpack Hikers Will Love – Grayson Highlands, Virginia

Virginia’s Grayson Highlands State Park is an alpine wonder.  This area over the Appalachian high country will have you swooning over the airy mountain meadows of wildflowers, beautiful forests and glistening trout streams.  The best part is the more than 100 wild ponies that roam this area.

The most scenic route to the summit comes courtesy of Grayson Highlands State Park. This 8.5 mile round trip hike begins on the aptly named Rhododendron Trail. It links with the Appalachian Trail and Mount Rogers Spur trail outside the park. The pretty rolling hillsides alongside the gorgeous wild ponies, not something you see on most hikes.

If you’re not the most ambitious of hikers, there is still plenty for you to enjoy with Grayson Highlands shorter trails. Many have iconic Appalachian landscapes. The Twin Pinnacles Trail begins at the park’s visitor center and takes hikers on a 1.6-mile loop with views of Wilbur Ridge and Mount Rogers. An equally short hike of the Cabin Creek Trail is a 1.8-mile marshy river ramble, with a trail with a mountain laurel that brings you to a 25-foot waterfall.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful waterfall?  If you don’t wish to sleep in the wilderness, you can day hike after spending the night in a classic B & B or RV park. Contact the Grayson Highlands State Park website for more information.

Check out this video of Grayson Highlands incredible scenery.

Grayson Highlands Has Great Hiking Trails

Which Hiking Location Will You Choose?

Take That First Step To An Adventurous Hike

Our Nation is a true hiking playground.  You can find endless places to explore, inspired solely from your craving for adventure. Learn to play outdoors like a kid again.  Except as an adult, you now are armed with the respect for nature that requires leaving no trace. If you are always mindful of that, every hiker can reap the benefits of wild outdoor excursions in a natural environment.

The folks at Nature Trail Backpacks understand your love for hiking. Check us out for whatever adventure you choose. We wish you Happy hiking!


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