Best Hiking Backpack – How Do I Choose The Right One?

best hiking backpack
You Can Easily Find The Best Hiking Backpack For You

The best hiking backpack you can get is one that’s most comfortable for your body, because comfort determines contentment while you hike.  There are several key factors which will help you achieve this, such as trip duration. Let’s examine some factors and learn about them. Before you get a new hiking bag or a replacement backpack, knowing the kind of hiking you want to do, you’ll be on the right track. Or should we say… trail. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Longer Hiking Treks Means Carrying More Weight

The more time you are enjoying a hike, the more items and weight you’ll be carrying. Are you trekking for the day or for a week? That decision makes it crucial when selecting the size and type of hiking pack is best for you. The backpack should be the proper length for your torso and should be supported by your hips. Therefore your height is important to consider.

Your Trekking Plans – Casual Or Back Country?

If your hiking trip is either a day or a week of camping, the biggest mistake you can make is by grabbing a box store hiking backpack. These basic hike packs are made cheaply and the seams are not strong enough. They are not constructed to carry weight or be in outdoor elements for an extended period, so they won’t last. They might be fine for minimal cargo like a few books, your lunch and cell phone, but you’ll want more durability.

Suitable Suspension Is A Serious Consideration

Most day packs or smaller hiking backpacks have adequate suspension to carry 10 or 15 lbs. easily. When you get up to 30 plus pounds on your back, you will need
a thickly padded hip belt and padded shoulder straps that curve with your body. For a comfortable hiking experience, you’ll benefit from a quality back panel that is padded and supportive of your cargo weight.

The Best Hiking Backpack Frame – Options

There are three types of hiking backpack frames that you need to take in consideration: internal-frame backpacks, external-frame backpacks, and frameless backpacks.

Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

best hiking backpack
Shorter Hiking Trips Use Backpack Bags Similar To This

These packs are designed to give the hiker support, stability and keep the load balanced when walking over different types of terrain. This type of hiking bag has a smaller profile which aids in good alignment to your center of gravity.

This may not sound crucial but if you go off trail, you could become injured if you are not carrying your pack load properly. Many hikers prefer this type of backpack because they are comfortable since they move with your body as you hike.

For the best hiking backpack to be comfortable, you need to decide how long of a hike you will be going on. Even experienced hikers have been through a few mistakes here and there.

External Frame Trekking Pack For Hiking

The best hiking backpack for many multi-day trekkers is the external frame pack.  Extended trips require more gear and necessities which these packs offer. Framed backpacks often have better ventilation on the back for a cooler hike over longer periods of trekking.

Frameless Hiking Bag

best hiking backpack

This type of hiking pack works well for hikers who carry less essentials which don’t require much organization.  If you are a hiker who is a minimalist trekker who travels light, this bag will suit you for short trips.  These packs are usually one compartment, with possibly one or two pockets.  They can be less expensive without compartments, compression straps and other bells and whistles that  frame packs have.  

Hiking Bag Shopping Simplified

Consider your backpack shopping in some ways similar to when you buy a car. First you’ll choose standard features of the hiking backpack that is right for the type of hike you’re taking. Then, you can add other amenities of individual choice.

Your best hiking backpack is the right size for your typical hikes and adequate capacity for the essentials you’ll be carrying. The length of your trips will determine the frame type.

Helping Fellow Hikers Is Our Pleasure

Options, at that point, boil down to personal preferences. The folks at Nature Trail Backpacks are available to answer any questions you may have. We’re happy to help fellow hikers make decisions and understand options for your backpack hiking comfort. Feel free to contact us.


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