Outdoor Backpack – Hiking Does Not Have To Be Strenuous

outdoor backpack
Hiking With An Outdoor Backpack Can Be As Simple As You Make It

Outdoor backpack trips can have various degrees of difficulty, but it can also be simply walking for the day or a few hours. You’ve probably walked more than you realize while you’ve been on a vacation. It could have been through a tourist town, at the beach or from one end of the mall to the other. Here’s how you can go hiking without tons of gear and 25 lbs. on your back.

First and foremost, you need to understand the great health benefits from hiking. Maybe health reasons aren’t foremost on your mind, but being out in nature is sounds enjoyable. I won’t lecture about health. But, it must be said that mild cardio exercise from walking will always be good for you. You may feel it’s like eating broccoli when you hate it. I can say though, hiking will not be torture.

Outdoor Backpack Hikes Are To Enjoy Nature

There’s Nothing Like The Beauty Of A Forest

Let’s say you are fit and trim. Your mental well-being is equally as important as your physical. If you’ve never walked through a forest, you’ll have to take my word for it. The sights, smells and sounds are magical. Again, you’ve walked long distances to see certain tourist sites or through an amusement park. When hiking for a few hours or for the day, you can stop along the way and enjoy discoveries. You can carry a blanket in your hiking bag and have a picnic, or lie back and watch the clouds during a snack. There is never a rush to your destination.

Hiking Trails – You Can Choose Your Type

Hiking trails can be a straight path on asphalt. Some can have inclines, which are a bit more challenging. You’ll find dirt trails may have a bit rougher terrain, possibly with mild elevations here and there. Check your local hiking trails and choose the type that is easy for you to navigate. Always start with an easy hike and then work up to a more ambitious hike once your body can handle it. If you prefer a straight paved hike each time, then do what is most comfortable for your physical ability.

outdoor backpack
Your First Hike Could Be In A Group Or A Guided Trail Hike

Interested In Nature But Skeptical About Hiking?

Outdoor backpack users all had their very first hike at one time or another. You can talk yourself out of it, or you can embrace the journey. As we all know, the unknown can always be a bit doubting. If you love being outdoors, I can practically guarantee you will enjoy hiking. That being said, I can also guarantee you will hate it if you don’t take certain things into consideration and prepare accordingly.

It’s all in your mind set whether you find excuses or get excited about something new. A day hike is an awesome way to get in some walking with fresh air, blue skies and beautiful scenery. You’ve already walked distances on a vacation, or even spent a day shopping on your feet. Hiking is no more strenuous, unless you want it to be.

Outdoor Backpack – Why Do I Need One For An Afternoon Hike?

If you’ve ever struggled with a few grocery bags, you’ll understand why you can’t juggle several items in your arms while hiking. You’ll need to bring water, food, a few first aid items and maybe an extra sweater. Carrying what you’ll need in an outdoor backpack will make the trek a whole lot easier. It will be much more comfortable on your back rather than the weight pulling on your shoulders if you were to carry a bag or tote. You’ll want to bring snacks and sunscreen, possibly a blanket and a camera as well. These items are all easily carried in a small hiking backpack.

Kids Love To Explore The Outdoors. Take Them Along Once You Have Hiked Previously

Hiking In Nature is Uplifting – Calming Effects Are Key

Outdoor backpack treks will be enjoyable as long as you go prepared. For a typical 1/2 day or full day hike, here are some do’s and don’ts to assure you have a pleasurable experience:


  1. Some basic leg stretches before and after your hike
  2. Wear sunscreen regardless of the season
  3. Bring 2 liters of water per adult for every 2 hour hike
  4. Hike at your own comfortable pace, it’s not a race.
  5. Bring snacks and a healthy lunch and/or dinner food.
  6. Try a guided hike or group hike first time out.
  7. Enjoy the wonders of nature and don’t forget the photo memories.
  8. Bring some Bandaids and antibacterial gel.
  9. Dress in layers and remove outer clothing if you get too warm.
  10. Take breaks whenever you need them. Rest is good, fatigue is not.


  1. Wear brand new hiking boots or shoes without breaking them in first
  2. Hike off the trail without a map or compass.
  3. Get overheated, over tired or over hungry.
  4. Let yourself get dehydrated. Drink 1 liter of water per hour.
  5. Forget to wear a hat and sunglasses.
  6. Rely on just your phone for navigation, you could lose power
  7. Get a cheaply made box store hiking pack. They aren’t durable.

When Is Your First Hike Going To Be?

Outdoor backpack missions can be as short or long as you determine.  The whole idea is to get out there among beautiful meadows, forests or parks and enjoy the escape from routines and stress.  Once you realize that it can be at your own pace, you’ll be relaxed and look forward to every new hiking exploration.  We welcome comments and questions below from anyone curious or experienced who will give fellow hikers great tips and advice. Happy hiking!


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