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Outdoor Hiking Trips – Set The Scene

A backpack hiking date is a unique way for you to make romance bloom.  When you think of a super romantic date with your significant other, your mind usually leans toward dinner, mood music and wine, right?  Here’s a way you can enjoy quality alone time with someone special, and incorporate all of those elements in a different venue.  You can  boost up the excitement in the  great outdoors with these tips.  If you pack a few elements of surprise because they are a sure cure for the usual  boring and typical scenario.

Rucksack Backpacking Trips – Spice It Up

Rucksack hiking treks give you a chance to set the perfect stage for an amorous camping backpack trip.  Anyone can pack a bottle of wine and bring their cell phone with their music playlist.  But if you switch that playlist up a bit and add some mood music, now your’re talking.  Choose music  that is different.  You can pick some memorable songs from the past or current ones to make new memories.  Years from now you will automatically remember this hiking trip with him (her).  The point is to go beyond what you would normally do as a couple and enjoy Mother nature in a romantic setting.  There is something magical about a campfire under the stars and especially during a full moon.

Romantic Backpack Ideas

Your rucksack bag could contain some indulgent chocolates or favorite snack.  If you see wildflowers on your journey, don’t just admire them, pick some.  Present these to your lady because women always love flowers.   Find a secluded camping site for the night and enjoy the sunset and the stars with wild abandon. You are in charge of making this trip sexy and unforgettable.

Hiking Couples Show Love

Simple things in nature can ultimately be labeled a romantic setting because they are.  Take a stick and carve your initials in a heart on the ground where you are sitting.   Snap a photo with your cell phone because this lasting reminder of  yourselves as a couple is powerful.  Pack a rose in your hiking backpack and peel off its petals on the floor of your tent.

Rucksack Backpack Hiking – Where Should We Go?

You can  hike almost anywhere.  Now that you have romance suggestions and ideas for the best place to go.  Here are 5 highly suggested locations.

5 Great U.S. Locations

Arcadia National Park in Maine

First, try the Cadillac North Ridge Trail in Arcadia National Park in Maine. The four mile North Ridge Trail overlooks the ocean and will take you up the rocky coastline with beautiful pink granite and chaparral vegetation. It is one of the most scenic hiking trails with ocean views.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kalalau Trail in Kauai, Hawaii provides a more experienced and adventurous couple an 11 mile hike with various coastal cliffs and valleys. The isolated beaches and lush tropical forests are a gorgeous backdrop for romance. The beauty of this location is that fewer people who hike have the endurance to navigate it. This creates the chance of more isolation and serenity with your lover. This is not the best option for a couple who has just started dating.

Heart Lake

Explore Heart Lake Loop in Anacortes, Washington, for a perfect daypack trip with your sweetheart.  An obvious reason for this choice is the actual heart-shaped lake.  This hike is a three mile loop around the mountains and Pacific Northwest Forest. You can picnic by the lake and explore the forest and all Mother Nature has to offer. You’ll create a beautiful memory of your time together in this beautiful and symbolic location.

Havasu Canyon

This adventure seekers backpacking backpack trail, in Havasu Canyon, Arizona is not one for beginners.  It is a spectacular destination, but hikers must trek eight miles to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  From there, it’s another 2 miles to the gorgeous Havasu Falls waterfalls. This would make a great challenge for more experienced hikers. The scenery and bright-blue crystal clear water makes it so worth the time and it’s perfect for a swim there.

John Muir Trail

Check out the John Muir Trail in California  which provides a location named after the writer, John Muir. He truly understood the romance and beauty that nature has to offer. This trek takes you through 215 miles of California. It winds through Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park and includes Kings Canyon National Park.

Don’t feel as if you need to conquer all those miles for the sake of romance, because the romance is in the extras that you do.  The High Sierra Mountain Range offers back country camping with shorter treks.

Rucksack Hiking Closer To Home 

Trails for hiking excursions that require traveling long distances may not always be possible because of time off needed and expenses.  You can do a search online for local hiking backpack trails and you will find places closer to where you live. You may want to save the further distances for a special vacation spot or an anniversary trip and still discover places to go locally.

Create Outdoor Romance

Wherever  you go and whenever you choose to camp on the trail,  your backpack hike will be more memorable because of romance.  Don’t be afraid to head out to explore your wild side in the wilderness.  If you need a hiking bag, head on over to Nature Trail Backpacks and we’ll help you find the perfect one for you.  Happy backpack hiking!


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