Daypack Backpack – Hiking Is A Great Cure For Bored Kids

daypack backpack
Being Physically Active While Having Fun Is A Plus in Hiking

Backpack Hikes Can Fix Child Boredom

Daypack backpack hiking may be something you have never done yourself, so you may be uneasy about bringing the kids along .  Hiking is merely walking. When you use a daypack and bring food and essentials along, it becomes a trip, not just a brief walk. Children may love it when school is on vacation, even if parents don’t.  The first week or two kids bask in not having to go to bed as early or do homework. Soon they chime in unison “I’m bored!”   You can incorporate exercise with fun while sharing family time when you all strap on a hiking backpack and hit the trail.

Hiking Will Get Your Kids To Exercise

A Day pack hike can solve parental concerns about how to prevent obesity in their children. The best answer is to keep them physically active. Many towns have daypack hiking trails in them. You can easily do an internet search to find some beginner or challenging hikes in your zip code.

Since children bore easily, just to suggest a mere walk would not spark much interest. However, if you enthusiastically proclaimed, “ let’s head out for an adventure,” both children and adults would sense that something fun and memorable was about to take place.  Something magical happens when you don that hiking backpack and head off on a path never roamed.

Daypack Backpack Hiking Helps Teach Lessons About Nature

daypack backpack
Kids on tree

Hiking packs give kids an opportunity to learn. Heading out the door and down the street to a park will not cultivate their thirst for knowledge.  It will just signify play time.  Mother Nature offers a chance to explore, teach and grow, for both children and adults.  When you combine that aspect with physical movement, it becomes good for everyone in countless ways. 

Backpacking Outdoor Games Are Best

All children love to climb. Hills and trails make perfect playgrounds for active kids because it gets them interested in outdoor games. Kids that constantly play on a 7”screen is not healthy. If grownups are enjoying a backpacking trip, chances are their children will follow suit. Help them pack their hiking bag and set out for an expedition with discovery of wildlife and how vegetation grows. Teach them respect for nature by gathering three items of trash along the hike to toss in a waste container at the end of the trail. This is a lesson they will take with them their entire life.

Daypack Backpacks – Why Not Have A Picnic?

daypack backpack
Every Kid Loves A Picnic

Your day backpack trip could include lunch for a picnic. You could sit and eat while observing clouds, taking turns stating what shape the cloud reminds you of. You could play a game to teach awareness of identifying different birds.

Hiking Means Discovery Of Nature

Hiking in nature allows you to examine a rock, turn it over to discover some insects that you can put in a dish or ziploc bag to observe, and then set free.  Kids love looking through binoculars, so why not bring a pair along and show them sights in the distance that make them want to hike further on the trail to get a closer look.

Backpack Hiking Help Kids Learn About Their Bodies

Backpack hiking with a daypack also teaches children about their bodies, how they move and what it feels like to carry extra weight in their hiking bag. It’s okay to walk long distances and exert yourself in climbing. Yes, you may get a little tired. Take a rest, drink some water and keep moving. Kids learn a lot from mimicking the influential adults in their lives. Active parents tend to raise active kids.

Backpack Hiking Teaches Science Facts

Outdoor backpack trips are capable of providing  many science lessons.  Daypack hiking in the great outdoors is a classroom that young children will find quite fascinating.  Questions like, “what makes leaves green?” or “why is there a circle in the water whenever I toss a pebble in?” They become nostalgic for parents when they recall asking many of these same questions about nature as a child.  There is nothing as powerful as creating memories as a family while having fun.

Daypack Backpack Treks Can Cure Monotony

A daypack hiking trip can entice your kids to choose an active instead of sedentary lifestyle.  Consider a hiking trip as a change of pace. Don’t be surprised if they end up loving it so much that they want to go grab their hiking bag more and more. If they somehow get bored after multiple trips, try an overnight hiking camping backpack trip, and don’t forget to pack ingredients for s’mores.  Happy hiking!


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