Outdoor Backpack – Have A Hiking Weekend For Fun In Nature

outdoor backpack

An outdoor backpack is easier to carry than luggage. I’m already packing mine for the upcoming weekend. I am planning where I’ll be hiking and I’m making food. I’ll be checking weather conditions online and mapping out my trip. I’m feeling a surge of anticipation for putting the work week behind me and giving the stress to my Mother….Nature that is. Not many people can afford two week luxury vacations, but there is no reason to not take time for yourself in the great outdoors and experience the calming tranquility of a weekend adventure that awaits you in hiking and camping.

Outdoor Backpack – They’re Not All The Same

outdoor backpack

An outdoor backpack is not like little Susie’s second grade book bag. It’s used in the outdoors on hiking and camping missions. A hiking pack needs to be designed for the elements outdoors and with a means of carrying it comfortably once you pack it with all of your necessities for a couple of days. You never realize how much “stuff” you use until you need to contain it. With practice and experience, you will quickly learn what is truly needed and what is just extra when you are camping overnight. 

Keep Your Camping Backpack Dry

Rain showers do pop up, even if you double checked the weather report. A totally waterproof backpack rarely exists despite manufacturers claims. You will need a hiking backpack that is water resistant, or cover it with a hiking gear bag meant to make it waterproof. Susie’s book bag will not be waterproof and most likely will not have multiple compartments for organization of things you need quick access to on the trail. It will not have MOLLE webbing to attach other hiking gear and pouches that contain necessities, as many outdoor packs do. It is not designed to comfortably carry more than 2 lbs on a child’s back, so how would it hold 20 lbs. or more?

Hiking Backpacks – How Do I Choose?

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A Good Durable Camping Backpack Is Invaluable

Outdoor backpack selections can be overwhelming, but the folks at Nature Trail Backpacks will help you decide on which type works for the activity you will be using it for. They are a great e-store with a knowledgeable staff.  No question is too crazy. For hiking overnight you need a large backpack that can accommodate a sleeping bag and small tent, plus food, water, first aid supplies and some hiking gear.

Defining Hiking Backpack Features

During a day hike, for example, you would use a small hiking backpack with enough room for some food, water and a day’s worth of essentials. A good rule of thumb is the longer you will be on your journey, the larger the hiking bag should be. It can also be confusion when the size of the hiking pack is stated in liters. For a beginning guideline, camping overnight could be done with a 18-25 liter hiking day pack. Hiking and camping for the weekend would require more like a 35-45 liter outdoor backpack.

Backpacking Backpacks – Where Should I Go Camping?

If the “where to go” part confuses you, you can search online for hiking and camping areas in your zip code. You may want to opt for a guided tour your first few times, which is not a bad idea if you are an inexperienced hiker. I have found groups that hike together that can help you be social and make friends.

Outdoor Backpack – Hikes Together or Solo

If you want quality time with your significant other, that’s OK too. The beauty of hiking is that you get to choose where, when and how often you go. You can plan everything in advance, which is great for campsites that need a reservation for you to pitch your tent there.
You can also “fly by the seat of your pants” and be totally spontaneous. That can be very romantic and carefree. Just remember a certain amount of planning can help avoid headaches later like securing the place you really want before it’s over crowded.

Backpack Hiking Can Be Romantic

outdoor backpack
Pack Finger Foods TO Feed Each Other

Backpack camping in nature screams romance, yet not many people totally get that. You’ve got blue skies, sunshine and wildflowers. Add a night with bright stars, the moon, campfire light and seclusion to do whatever makes you happy. It’s the perfect recipe for romance and truly an aphrodisiac to the senses. A five-star hotel can’t compete with a night under the stars.

Double-size air mattresses and sleeping bags are available, which helps make things cozy. Think about tossing some grapes and non-dairy cheese into your backpack bag. You can feed each other a late night snack, which is very sexy. Spending your time around the campfire talking about the future or reminiscing about the past keeps your relationship alive.

Outdoor Backpack Hiking Saves Money

Forget the pressures of a tourist type get-away where you are on the go every minute among crowds of strangers. An obvious mention is that the cost is minimal to enjoy the wilderness. You could always shop ahead of the weekend for a little trinket or memento to tuck away inside your hiking bag to surprise your partner with.

Camping Backpacks Bring Home To The Outdoors

Camping backpacks will carry all you need for a weekend. We all like our creature comforts, but hiking is not like packing for a vacation trip. You can stuff all you can into a suitcase and pray it doesn’t exceed the 50 lb. limit that the airlines impose. Focus on packing for a weekend camping hike because the items you bring will be very different.

Your time and attention will be spent exploring nature, relaxing under a beautiful sky and empowering your body to move and climb. The only imperative things needed are nourishment and water, protective clothing and outerwear for weather changes., Sunscreen, first aid items and some camping gear are also a high priority. You won’t need a whole bag just for hair products, makeup and shaving. Hiking is “roughing it” and feeling good about things being natural, so you can travel much lighter.

Pack Just The Essentials For Hiking Trips

Help With Packing That Hiking Bag

Your outdoor backpack should be packed with the essentials for being outside all weekend. Here’s a challenge; have it all done by Thursday night. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? That does not mean just throwing stuff into your hiking bag. Backpack packing does have it’s proper method which you can check here.

Does Your Weekend Plans Include Hiking?

Outdoor enthusiasts, like many of us, get psyched about going hiking once the weekend arrives, even when parts of the country are buried in snow, people hike and camp all year round because they love it. With Spring approaching, why not take advantage of a romantic weekend to get some exercise. Alone time to nurture a relationship or solo hiking to decompress from a hectic week, it’s the perfect plan. Happy hiking!


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