Hiking Day Pack – Backpack Trekking Can Be Inexpensive Therapy

hiking day pack
Nature Will Calm You – No doubt About It!

A hiking day pack may be your answer to getting away and re-booting life. Could you benefit from some disconnect-from-the-world therapy?  Our jobs, family commitments and basic adult pressures make us prone to health-related illnesses both mental and physical. Are you anxious and stressed?  Do you pack so much in a 17 hour period every day that your heart can barely catch up with your mind?  Your body organs become overworked. You can make changes if you understand how simple it could be. Are you willing to consider the power of nature?

A Hiking Day Pack Can Be Small But Produce Big Results

hiking day pack

A hiking day pack used for a day in the outdoors may very well turn out to be just what the doctor ordered.  When I was in my late 20’s I had some stress issues that I really did not want to take medication for.    My doctor suggested yoga or meditation. I felt kind of silly sitting a mat in the gym or on my living room floor trying to not be distracted. Every time I tried it, sure enough, the phone would ring or someone would come to the door. My attempts at relaxation were quickly aborted. After that happened a couple times, I could see that I might be in the right church, just the wrong pew. I knew I had think outside the box and take this to another level because I now know that calmness can overpower anxiety, especially in nature!

Hiking Day Pack, Lunch and No Tech Devices

Unplug While You are Hiking

My hiking bag was packed and as I drove to a local hiking area, I had a sense of anticipation. It was different than the sense of dread I felt getting that darn exercise mat out, or going to the gym. My daypack hiking mat seemed to have magical powers because it eluded to something positive instead. As I started to hike the trail, I promised myself to be aware of my mind and body with every step.

Hiking Allows You To Breathe In Fresh Air

My hiking day pack was the only weight I felt on my shoulders, which actually less than 5 lbs. I quickly noticed noticed how my breathing of the air was stimulating. My hiking bag wasn’t nearly as heavy as the psychological weight I had been carrying around lately. I felt a sense of being re-charged and capable, not overwhelmed. 

My Heart Be Still – Hiking Makes You Calm And Focused

hiking day pack

My heartbeat was steady with some elevation from my movement, but not the scary thumping I had been experiencing with anxiety and stress. When you find a place to spread out your mat overlooking some gorgeous pine trees, blue skies and a meadow of wildflowers, you can’t deny the serenity. You can’t help but become tuned into the sounds and gentle caresses of the breeze.

A Hiking Day Pack Experience Will Amaze You

I placed myself in my meditation position with my phone ringer off and deep into my outdoor backpack because I wanted zero distractions. I only brought it along in case I needed the GPS element. Once you close your eyes, you will still have a visual picture with keener senses. I had all I needed right smack in front of me. I relished in the quiet unmistakable beauty of everything around me.

Meditation While Hiking Will De-stress Your Mind

Regular meditation has helped millions of people ease chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. It has improved heart health, boosted mood and your immune system. It has been discovered that people who meditate long term had better preserved brains than non-meditators as they aged. Don’t just take my word for it, check out this detailed article;


A Hiking Day Pack And Hiking Motivation Is Great Ammunition Against Stress

Do you agree that you could benefit from being in nature where the exceptional views absorb your innermost thoughts? It is doubtful that the same level of serenity will happen in your backyard on a blanket, but for times when you can’t get away for a backpack hike, it could be the occasional filler as long as there are no neighbors, barking dogs or street noises.

Day Hiking Backpack – Hiking Extends Your Zen

Nature Soothes Your Soul

For the ultimate re-boot in life, why not try camping overnight. Sensory stimulation from things like firelight, the sound of crickets, the twinkle of stars, all have positive effects on your brain. I suspect that millions of people rely on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds and excessive alcohol or drugs for a synthetic “high.”  While I realize and respect that medication is vital in some cases, and addiction is a real thing, my biggest wish is that anyone stressed, worried, anxious or depressed would slip on a hiking bag and give nature a try because I know first hand that it helps.

Happy Hike – Happy Life

An open non-skeptical mind would be a great beginning to something powerful. You could start with a small daypack hike and work up to an overnight camping backpack trip. Some outdoor enthusiasts swear by solo hikes and others enjoy sharing the experience with a friend or loved one. Both are equally rewarding when it comes to experiencing the zen of Mother Nature. Happy hiking! Stop in and give us your comments at Nature Trail Backpacks


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