Travel Backpack – Trends For Hiking Bags Everyday Use

travel backpack

Travel backpack usage has increased over time. Regardless of how you are traveling, whether on a bike, airplane or on foot, you want all of your carry essentials to get there safe and sound just like you expect to. Our methods of accomplishing that have changed over the centuries from all types of boxes to luggage to a current trend in hiking backpacks.

We’re not talking about a kid’s book bag style, we’re referring to an actual hiking backpack that can withstand weight and has comfortable carry features for the load you need to carry. Different modes of travel require different types and sizes of backpacks. Let’s break it down to which one would work for your needs.

Hiking Backpack Bags Make A Great Travel Carry On       

travel backpack
Perfect Size To Carry On An Airplane, Bus Or Train

Travel backpack trips have folks carrying hiking backpacks when they travel. You may think you need to go off on a 3 day hike for using a pack like this. Not true.  Many people are seeing the benefits of using day backpacks for air travel, bicycling, and on cruise ships.

Countless Uses For Backpack Hiking Packs

Sporting events, sightseeing, and picnics are more pleasurable by using a small backpack to transport your essentials. When you use a hiking bag with a main large pocket with dividers and additional separate pockets to categorize items for quick finding, life gets simpler on the go. These packs have exterior straps and pockets for carrying water bottles or cell phones. More active people are finding that a day pack is a lighter alternative to purses and totes with a more organized method of carrying an extra jacket plus their belongings on any type of outing.

Day tourists, factory workers, folks that work in the field for their job, all find that a backpack is more comfortable to carry than a heavy purse, diaper bag, lunch bag or briefcase. Have you ever juggled 3 or 4 items at once going from one place to another? Valuables and necessities such as water, snacks, cameras and sunscreen are easily transported making and less of a burden to carry multiple things you need.

Travel Backpack – They Come In Many Sizes For Any Trip

travel backpack
Large Travel Backpack

A hiking backpack that is 45 Liters and larger can house your daily needs and clothing with individual organizer pockets completely negating the need for heavy luggage. This type of hiking bag can be used for multi-day trips in the wilderness, but can just as easily be used for mall shopping trips, touring large cities and camping.

Whatever occasion calls for carrying more stuff than you might need in a day, you will want a larger pack. The longer you will be away, extra clothing items are needed for changes in weather temperature and more food is needed. Most large hiking packs have compression straps so that you can cinch them down to compact your load tighter which makes for a more comfortable carry.

Hiking Backpack – Tactical Simply Means Better Organization

travel backpack

Your EDC (every day carry) items are determined by you, your lifestyle, your job, or your mission.  A tactical backpack bag is simply one that has multiple pockets, storage and compartments for hydration, food, clothing and gear. These outdoor backpacks are made to withstand the elements and the terrain with tough materials that are water resistant.

Tactical Backpack Simply Means An Organized Pack

Travel backpack carry bags are being used as tactical bags by long-distance hikers, law enforcement, hunters, and the military. These bags are specifically  designed to provide comprehensive and modular storage (otherwise known as MOLLE) support. You don’t have to be military or law enforcement to see the uses for a tactical backpack.

Your Daily Essentials – Store, Carry And Go

Do you want great options for storage and ready availability of your carry items? If so, you would enjoy this type of bag because it’s extremely useful for carrying everyday gear. Items like laptops, concealed carry and water bladders for hydration are typical. Add clothing, a camera, some toiletries and now it becomes a travel backpack very well organized and comfortable to carry.

Travel Backpack – Reconsider How You Currently Carry Things

Travel backpack bags can cause you to rethink how you carry your daily things. Whether it’s your gym clothes, work items or the endless things that children require, you need to carry it somehow. Hiking packs are not exclusively for backpack hiking. Durable hiking bags made of quality materials will outlast any college book bag, diaper bag or suitcase.

Choose Durability First When Traveling Or Hiking

When you are hiking or traveling you want a bag that will not break a strap, a zipper or soak your belongings with a pop-up rain shower. Hiking backpacks have tons of uses. I’d rely on a durable hike pack any day over a cheap department store backpack. Why not think outside the box and do your back a favor at the same time.  Happy backpack hiking….or just Happy travel!


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