Hiking Backpack Trekkers – The Teton Mountains Are Perfect For Hiking

Family Photo Of Grand Teton

Hiking backpack adventurers, if you love hiking, you’ll one day be drawn to The Rocky Mountains. This major mountain range in western North America spans 3000 miles. A particularly gorgeous area is the Tetons, in Northwest Wyoming which is part of the Grand Teton National Park. The Teton mountain range is bisected by the Snake River.  The Grand Teton at 13,770 feet is the largest. Jenny Lake, at its base, sits at 6,783 feet. The beautiful valley between is known as Jackson Hole. If ever there was splendor to be seen, you have to check this area out for sure.

Hiking Backpack Travelers – What Made These Mountains

These great hiking mountains tower about 7,000 feet above the valley floor. Over centuries, erosion has filled the valley and carved the range crest forming the jagged Teton skyline, which is absolutely breathtaking.  Earthquakes have formed the Grand Tetons, but it has been glaciers that have given them their unique character. The Tetons have been glaciated at least three times, with the oldest event being the most significant. When the glaciers receded from the last ice age they left these gems of nature for our enjoyment. Phelps, Jenny, Leigh, Sting and Jackson Lakes are further examples of remarkable beauty in this exquisite spot on the globe.

Hiking Backpack Explorers – Mountains, Lakes, And Scenery Await

The Grand, Middle, and South Tetons form the heart of the range.  Worthy of mention nearby include Mt. Owen, Teewinot Mountain, and Mt. Moran, which are no less spectacular. During the latest glaciations, ice flowed down canyons in the Teton Range onto the floor of Jackson Hole and built the elevations that dam Jackson, Leigh, Jenny, Bradley, Taggart, and Phelps lakes. There is hiking and science to be experienced here with every step. The first hikers in this area date back to 1872. Can you imagine covered wagons on the original trails?

Hiking Backpack Enthusiasts – Backpack Hiking At Its Best

Today, hundreds of miles of hiking trails wind around the lakes and through the mountains making choices almost limitless. From easy day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips, each trail has a distinct, uniquely dynamic character all its own. Incredible, often breathtaking scenery and wildlife sightings (elk, moose, black/grizzly bears, bison, deer, and more!) are guaranteed. Favorites, to name just a few, include Cascade Canyon, Granite Canyon and Amphitheater Lake.

Hiking Backpack Trekking – Hiking Activity Year Round

The Teton Mountains are open year-round, offering skiing in the winter and hiking, backcountry adventures and mountain climbing in the summer, with varying degrees of difficulty. The winter brings cross country skiers, snowshoeing, photographers, and mountaineers to the Teton Mountains.  The Jackson Hole Ski Resort is on the eastern face of Rendezvous Mountain and provides excellent food and accommodations.  Grand Targhee Resort is another option for those coming from the Idaho side of the range. A Visitor Center park ranger is there to consult and provide information before embarking on any hiking, which is advisable.

Summer Offers Backpacking Backpack Camping

Hiking backpack trips during the summer provide this spectacular area which is known for its many hiking trails and backpacking excursions. The most popular short hikes are in the vicinity of Jenny Lake and the Jackson Lake Lodge. From the south Jenny Lake parking area, a boat crosses the lake and transports visitors to the base of Cascade Canyon trail, which leads up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Hikers can also trek around the lake. The north route around the lake is relatively unused. Most day-hikers take the boat across and hike back along the south shore.  Any of the Grand Teton’s canyons provide great hiking opportunities for those hardy enough to venture into the center, high country part of the range. Each canyon has a trail head to lead you into the web of trails that traverse the Teton Range.  There are numerous campgrounds throughout the Grand Teton National Park.

Early Morning Visitor

Hiking Backpack Opportunities To See Abundant Wildlife

A diverse wildlife population is found in the Grand Tetons. Thousands of elk, moose, Bison and Pronghorn Antelope can be seen throughout the mountains. On the high peaks around Death Canyon, Fox Creek and South Teton Creek you can sometimes see Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. Black bears are common but you don’t see Grizzly’s often although they are there. Trumpeter Swans, white Pelicans, Bald Eagles and Ospreys can all be seen at the Snake River. Coyotes, Pica, Beaver and Marmots are abundant. Always respect wildlife and observe from a distance.

Hiking Backpack Wanderers – There Is Much To Do In The Tetons

Horseback riding, Trout Fishing (Snake River) and Elk hunting are popular activities here as well.  Guided tours and hikes, half and full day tours are available.  Teton Wild specializes in private nature and wildlife adventure tours. An expert guide from Grand Teton National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will be guiding you to the most incredible places, knowing exactly where to find what you are looking for and to advise you on all outdoor hiking tips, safety and information.

Opportunities For Family Fun

All you need to do is get there, the rest is pure amazement. Happy Hiking.

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