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Snowshoe Hiking Is Big In New York State

Backpacking pack hikers can sum it up in one word, The Adirondacks!   Backpack hiking over the winter season gives a whole new perspective of this area. It is absolutely gorgeous in the summer months, but I consider it magical come winter. If you’re looking for a weekend nature fix , consider the Lake Placid area of New York State because it’s an excellent backdrop for hiking on foot, snowshoe hiking or cross country skiing. You’ll experience quite the range of options for all abilities. Prepare to be amazed with this winter wonderland.

Backpacking Pack – Short And Easy Day Hiking Trips

Backpacking pack hiking trails in Lake Placid are available year round. You’ve got literally hundreds to choose from, with something for everyone in all levels of hiking ability. There are several flat trails that offer walking with easy accessibility for families and kids.

Cobble Hill in Lake Placid Loved By Hikers

One such hike is Cobble Hill accessed in downtown Lake Placid. The trail begins as a leisure walk through the woods, eventually coming to a crossroads where you can choose from two trails. Everyone loves choices, right? There’s an easy to navigate hiking trail to Echo Pond, which is such a peaceful place, even in winter. The longer, easier trail up Cobble bypasses the exposed rock face you would encounter ascending the shorter, steeper trail. This way takes you to a second summit which offers breathtaking views of the High Peaks region.

Mount Jo For A Great Hike

This trail descends gently 300 yards reaching a road next to Heart Lake. After 60 yards, the true start of the trail to Mt. Jo. begins. After 1/4 mile of climb, you’ll come to a junction. The Short Trail goes right while the Long trail goes straight. It’s actually only 0.2 mi. shorter, but is considerably steeper and rougher. The Long Trail is better because less experienced hikers and most family groups would find it easier to navigate. The two trails rejoin just before the summit. Total distance 1.1 mi. or 1.3 mi. depending on which trail is taken. It’s Totally doable for any hiker, even children.

Washbowl via Chapel Pond – Year Round Hikes

The Washbowl is an easy hike for families with children or photographers. There is a nice view just before the Washbowl. Chapel Pond provides a popular swimming spot in summer and during winter it beautifully freezes over so why not bring your ice skates. Total round trip for this hike is 1.4 miles which has easy walking.

Owen, Copperas and Winch Ponds Make Great Hiking

These three ponds are located in the Sentinel Range and offer excellent loop opportunities. There are two trails that lead into the area and either of them can be used to create a loop to the three ponds. Copperas Pond, with great views of Whiteface Mountain offers great backpacking/camping potentials with a lean-to located on its shore. Hikers like the variety this area offers for different hike encounters.

Hikers, Check Out High Falls Gorge – Whiteface Mountain

Backpacking pack hikers will enjoy this one mile long hiking bag trek. It’s perfect for beginner to intermediate snowshoe hikers or summer trekkers because the distance is not long.  High Falls Gorge is especially spectacular in the winter months. Come for a nature walk,and gasp at the spectacular ice formations on 700 feet of frozen waterfalls. Afterward, you can roast marshmallows over a warm campfire and enjoy complimentary hot beverages. It is a truly unforgettable part of the Adirondack experience.

Stag Brook Falls – Wilmington NY

Backpack pack trekkers who like longer hikes can try Stag Brook Falls, which is a couple of hours of hiking along an attractive brook with numerous waterfalls and cascades. This hike is an excellent snowshoe outing and gets moderate use. This would make a perfect introduction to snowshoeing for the entire family.  The hike will start uphill and continue to climb to its end.

The largest of the falls is not too far along the trail and can be enjoyed from the base or from a bit higher as you continue along the trail. The trail continues along the left of the brook as it makes it way higher along the cascade. Other small waterfalls can be observed along the way. Hiking time is about an hour.

Forge A New Trail

Backpacking Pack Hiking Enthusiasts – A Longer More Challenging Hike

One of the fastest growing winter sports today is snowshoeing.  Hunters and outdoors men have been using snow shoes to navigate winter foot travel for more than 6,000 years. It’s making a comeback as an excellent winter cross-training activity to stay in shape because you burn more than 600 calories per hour.  What a great way to get fresh air, exercise and gorgeous scenery all at the same time. Here’s a great place to try:

Goodnow Mountain,  Newcomb NY

From the trail head, this hike leads to a flat area for awhile before climbing easily once again and then slowly gaining elevation before climbing the final portion of the mountain.  An old horse barn, that you’ll pass along the way to the summit, offers a great spot to stop because you’ll be ready for a break.

Upon the summit you will come to the fire tower. The tower is in great condition and should be climbed by all who visit. In winter, use caution with the potential for icy steps. Be prepared for high winds and a serious wind chill from the tower. If you are dressed properly, it will be worth the views of the High Peaks. Round trip, this hike should take 3-5 hours depending on your level of experience with snowshoes.

The Splendor Of Whiteface Mountain In Winter

Backpack Pack Explorers – No Snowshoes? No Problem

Come explore the beauty of our winter wonderland by snowshoe!  Their experienced and licensed guides will help to outfit you and your group with rentals, poles, and any other gear you may need to make sure you have a great snowshoeing adventure!

Climb one of the 46 High Peaks, explore a fire tower mountain, bushwhack a seldom explored peak to hidden views or take a scenic stroll, whatever adventure best meets your interests and ability, it’s all here waiting for you to enjoy.

Mountaineering And Camping Courses Offered

You can also combine your snowshoeing adventure with a winter mountaineering and camping course and enjoy a multi-sport winter backpacking backpack experience.

Hike The Adirondacks One Day – It’s Incredible!

backpacking pack

Backpack hiking has all the advantages of great exercise, panoramic views and memories of impressive experiences. Any season of the year there is a buzz of activity with any type of hiking you want available. Have you hiked in the Adirondacks? Our readers would like to hear what you enjoyed most about it. Please feel free to comment below. Fellow hikers will appreciate your feedback. Happy hiking.


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