Hiking Backpack – Replacing Your Diaper Bag – Brilliant!

hiking backpack
Hands Free Hiking Bag Makes An Awesome Diaper Bag

Hiking Backpack – A New School Of Thought About Diaper Bags

A hiking backpack is thinking outside the box when it comes to smart choices for new parents.  Diaper bags are the most common baby shower gift. Many new moms excitedly buy or register for large diaper bags in pink or blue with a cute pattern.  Men feel ridiculous carrying these. When it’s loaded to the max, you’ll curse it when you have to dig for what you need in a hurry.   Or worse yet, the strap breaks. You may want to be practical and consider using a hiking bag instead.

Daypack Backpack Features Are Most Useful

Think of the amenities you most look for when choosing a diaper bag.  Ultimately, you want enough space, organized compartments and closed pockets to carry baby’s daily essentials.   I’m not suggesting you carry a wild camo print or a boring solid tan-colored bag, unless of course that’s your choice. Once you realize hiking bags come in many attractive solid colors, and you become aware that Dad’s hate carrying cute baby bags, you’ll understand why this might work very well.

Hiking Bags Are Trending As Today’s Baby Bags

When you think of an outdoor backpack, you probably envision some big pack with a huge frame and a rolled up sleeping bag, right? Maybe so if you are off on a long expedition. The traditional diaper bag is actually has a shoulder strap. You have to haul it on your poor aching shoulder as you wrestle with it slipping. Meanwhile you’re struggling to grab an active toddler’s hand or carry an infant car seat.

There truly is an alternative for this scenario. Consider a small daypack capable of carrying a full day’s worth of necessities.  You can carry it on your back with two shoulder straps for balancing the weight, and it won’t slip off your shoulder. Problem solved. You can also use it to go hiking with your child and have a picnic lunch.

Hiking Backpack -Makes Carrying Baby’s Essentials Comfortable

hiking backpack
Using A Hiking Backpack As A Diaper Bag Is Smart!

If you’re a parent, you know it’s a fact that you frequently need both hands free for babies and toddlers. You will also quickly learn that being organized saves time and frustration. Hiking bags have divided compartments, roomy interiors and separate pockets for multiple items, just like some diaper bags. Many come with  insulated sections for bottles, or you can easily add an insulated bag in one of the compartments for the same effect. Daypack features are similar in concept to baby bags. You can put pacifiers, baby toys, blankets, diapers, wipes and clothes in a backpack diaper bag that you custom organize.

Hiking BackpackIt Makes Total Sense To Free Mom’s Hands

Hiking Backpack usage, in many cases solves the awkward situation of needing two hands at once during outings at the park, family vacations, and day trips to Grandma’s house which require hauling of baby essentials. The last thing you need is sore muscles and pack pain from lugging a traditional over-stuffed baby bag.   Forget that over-priced designer diaper bag and take a more modern approach of utilizing the great features of a small hiking back pack as an ergonomically correct and much simpler way to carry baby’s necessities. You’ll be the envy of other Dad’s and mom’s when they see that you’ve nailed this baby stuff. Happy parents, happy baby.


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