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Enjoy Trail Hiking On A Sunny Day .

Outdoor backpack hiking should not be something you talk yourself out of enjoying because you feel overwhelmed with what equipment to buy and if you have the physical stamina to mountain climb. There are so many levels of hiking that allow you to enjoy gorgeous scenery, fresh air and spending time in nature with minimal weight to carry and just a willingness to walk. Let’s explore the simplicity of a day hiking trip and camping at a more beginner or moderate level.

Outdoor Backpack Scenic Hiking On Vacation

Let’s say you have a vacation coming up and typically you find yourself wandering the streets with a spouse or friend in a touristy fashion with your camera. Your goal is to take in the sights and hopefully capture some cool photos of the area. You might spend some cash on trinkets or souvenirs, have lunch at an open air cafe and keep exploring what you hope will be interesting, with the reality that at least one of you may be totally bored.

You Can Shop Another Day, Hike Today!

Outdoor Backpack Bags – Grab One And Hike Where?

Let’s rewind. For the purpose of example, let’s say you’re in a small town in New England. Every town has a welcome center with pamphlets of area attractions and places to go. Why not bring a lightweight daypack, grab some snacks, sandwiches, water and a local map. You can take your sightseeing in a whole new direction. Instead of strolling on sidewalks, you can walk some trails among stately pines, songbirds and vegetation exploring the natural habitat of the area.

Many trails have rest areas and picnic areas to enjoy all seasons of the year. Whether you are alone or with a loved one, there is something about being in nature that sparks a so many positive emotions, you will immediately wonder why you never tried this before. The enjoyment of hiking doesn’t always mean heavy-duty backpacks and being exhausted at the end of the day. Hiking can be as simple as I’ve described here and could easily be incorporated into any vacations, even with kids along.

Outdoor Backpacking As A Family

What about if are vacationing as a family and Mom is not the outdoor type and prefers boutique shopping. Dad can take the kids and explore some nature trails and meet later for dinner. Or if Dad wants to go fishing and Mom loves the great outdoors. You can spend one day of your trip where all of you enjoy fun time doing what you enjoy most.

Kids tend to bore quickly, so you’d have to point out things of interest that they might not have noticed. What kid doesn’t like picking up rocks or picking wildflowers? Kids love science and the how and why of what makes nature so fascinating. I guarantee they’d have a better time than shopping. Inviting them into Mother Nature’s house leads to all kinds of learning experiences.

Adults benefit from similar exploration as well, just on a different level. They may be attracted to vegetative patterns or discovering the types of birds that fly though a forest. Everyone will be excited when you stumble upon a creek or waterfall unexpectedly. Everyone who hikes ultimately ends up sharpening their observation skills crating many opportunities to snap photos of your beautiful surroundings.

Think Outside The Hiking Pack

Outdoor backpack hiking is the whole point of this conversation… to think outside the box and find ways to do light hiking without rejecting the idea due to a different perception of how hiking is supposed to be done. While you are in the planning stage of an upcoming vacation, you can prepare and seek out areas you would like to explore before you get there through a bit of internet research. Seek out trails and hiking day trips that are easy for beginners. If you overdo it early on, you’ll curse your aches and pains, swearing off hiking forever. That would be a terrible injustice to your mind and body, not to mention great memories of your discoveries. Check into National Parks, botanical gardens and established hiking paths. A year later, you will most likely upgrade to a longer or overnight camping hike with enthusiasm.  Happy Hiking!


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