Hiking Backpack – Trek To Waterfall Finds In New York State

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Discovering A Waterfall During A Hike Is Pure Gold

Hiking Pack Searches  –  Iconic Waterfalls in New York

Hiking backpack trips can be aimed at certain outdoor hiking spots that quench our thirst for scenery other than just pine trees and meadows.  Do you find yourself checking your hiking bag map for waterfall locations?  Have you ever been day pack hiking in upstate New York? If so, chances are you’ve stumbled onto some awesome waterfalls that were worthy of your hiking trek.  If not, let me point some out to you.

Niagara Falls Hikes Are Breathtaking

Hiking backpack trekkers all know of Niagara Falls, which is truly a spectacular natural wonder of the world.  Even if you’ve seen the falls many times, they will never cease to amaze you.   Starting at the Niagara Gorge Trailhead Center at Niagara Falls State Park, which is your gateway to multiple hiking trails, the possibilities are endless for gorgeous views of the falls.

The Niagara Glen gorge trail allows you to hike down to the river and view the whirlpool from the falls. The Niagara Gorge to Devil’s Hole State Park has on-the-ground trails that offer a less physically challenging venue with breath taking views.

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The Splendor of Niagara Falls

Letchworth State Park For Great Trail Trekking

Middle Falls NY offers great day hiking in this stunning area which is commonly called the “Grand Canyon of the East.” There, you can see three major waterfalls on the Genessee River.  Grab your hiking pack and head to Inspiration Point for the best exposure to the huge canyon where you can see and hear the powerful waterfalls. That sound ranks in my book second only to crashing ocean waves.  This place is magnificent year round, but you’ll particularly love it during the peak Northeast  foliage season.

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Taughannock Falls Will Mesmerize Day Pack Hikers

Hiking backpack day trips could include a short drive from Ithaca, NY where you can witness the majestic Taughannock Falls. If you crave larger falls on your hiking day trips, this one is three stories taller than Niagara Falls, making it the highest single-drop waterfall you can see anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains.  It is so worth the trip! Also noteworthy in this area is Buttermilk Falls, within Buttermilk State Park. There is a natural pool at the base of these falls that you can experience a great place to take a swim and cool off.


Watkins Glen – Check Out The Gorge Backpacking Trails

Hiking backpack trail trekkers  pack their hiking bags to witness the beauty of Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen State Park.  You’ll want to hike the gorge trails where you will encounter 19 amazing waterfalls. I believe Rainbow Falls is the most scenic of all. Hiking and photography often go hand-in-hand, so while you are getting some fresh air and exercise, why not enjoy a photo opp with your camera.

watkins glen
Watkins Glen

Discover Waterfalls On Many US Hiking Trails

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There are many glorious waterfalls in the US that you can experience during a hiking backpack excursion. Check state by state for their listings of places to enjoy some impressive waterfalls, then get out there and enjoy the beauty and sounds nature has to offer!

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Feel free to comment below about the prettiest waterfalls you have found while hiking.  Fellow hikers want to know.  Happy Hiking


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