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hiking bag
Some Trekking Trips Require A Large Hiking Bag

Check Out This Hiking Bag

Hiking bag adventures are for the die-hard hiker, hunter or climber. You love being outdoors and experiencing all that nature has to offer. There is a hiking backpack e-store called Nature Trail Backpacks that has a great portrayal of outdoor backpacks. The images and products are for nature enthusiasts who obviously enjoy hiking.  There are plenty of backpacks to catch your interest. You may be
trying hiking for the first time, or especially if your current pack is getting a bit worn and needs replacing.

Hiking Bag – A Bigger and Better Backpacking Pack

hiking bag

Falcon III By Maxpedition

A Hiking Bag That’s A Popular Choice – Falcon III by Maxpedition,

The Falcon III, by Maxpedition, is a bigger and more comfortable model than previous styles Maxpedition has made. Their quality is unsurpassed. This hiking bag has an overall size of 10” x 12” x 20” with a volume capacity of 1725 cubic inches or 28 liters. The Falcon III pack has a lockable concealed carry compartment that can fit a larger sized handgun, if you carry one when you’re in the wilderness.

Hunters also like using this backpack as a hunting bag.  You can safely store your ccw in your backpack. If you never carry a gun, the compartment is still handy because it can literally be used for anything.

Your Hiking Bag – Always Keep It Dry

Regardless of the season, keep in mind that no matter how sunny the hike might start out, rain storms can brew up quickly, so you need to be prepared. You will appreciate that the bottom of the Falcon III is covered with a PVC type material that protects it from the wet ground. Even lying your bag down for the night with no rain in sight, the dew can make the bottom of your bag a bit soggy, so this is an awesome feature.

This Hiking Bag IsSized Just Right

You’ll like that this hiking pack is medium to large in size, for times when a you want something a tad bigger than a day pack, but not as big as a huge trekking backpack.  It’s made with 1050 Denier nylon and has 3 coatings of a polyurethane plus a layer of Teflon to make it water resistant and grime resistant.

This pack is super ease to clean. It only needs a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.  You’ll get great use out of the Falcon III military-grade nylon webbing to attach numerous accessory pouches, gear and water bottles. You can also easily secure a sleeping bag and tent.  Another very desirable feature is how the compartments all open with a clam shell design.

Hiking Bag Shopping Simplified

hiking bag
Choose Your Backpack For Hiking Carefully – Nature Trail Backpacks Can Help

Hiking bag shopping can be confusing. Searching for a new hiking backpack, the less overwhelming, the better, right? If you’re looking for a pack that can easily carry all of your essentials, with easy access to the items you use most, check out Nature Trail Backpacks. Happy hiking and get ready to journey on!


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